Thomas Lloyd was an ASUCD Senator, having run during Fall 2004 on the LEAD slate and served from November 2004 until January 12th, 2005. He served as the ASUCD Senate President Pro-Tempore during the Fall 2005 quarter. He has a personal page.

Prior to serving as an ASUCD Senator, Lloyd served as the first Lobby Corps Director. He wrote the legislation necessary to give it its first paid positions and relative autonomy from its former existence as a subset of the former State and National Affairs Office.

In the time after his departure, individuals who felt he had a tendency to use loopholes in the Constitution, Government Codes, or Standing Rules (there were no ASUCD Bylaws at that time) would refer to using loopholes or the practice in general as "Lloydian." Lloyd would rather think of his efforts as more representing a strict constructionist perspective with the tendency to prefer a policy of "ends justify the means" rather than allow the Association be detracted from its purpose in serving the students.

Campaign Platform from Fall 2004

Tipsy Taxi

Prepaid Tipsy Taxi Cards: Lloyd had worked with his Senate Intern Genna. Genna met with the directors of both Unitrans and Tipsy Taxi and wrote Senate Bill 83, passed by Senate on 6/2/05. These cards became available to help students avoid the Tipsy fee increase.

Tipsy Taxi Fixed-Route Service: In early 2005, Lloyd also began to work with the former Tipsy Director to develop a fixed-route Tipsy Taxi service. However, primarily due to rather lofty budget numbers set in the prior year, Tipsy was already on track to cost ASUCD nearly twice its subsidy for that fiscal year. A sufficient number of meetings between Vice President Darnell Holloway, Lloyd, and the Tipsy and Unitrans directors were held for LEAD to officially add this issue as one of its Winter 2006 platform promises. However, to his knowledge the plan remains stalled since he has left office.

Wireless Access Expansion

Lloyd sent emails to key leaders in both the UC administration and the DDBA winter quarter only to hear about their expressed interest by picking up the Aggie. Lloyd contacted Tom Lovering of the DDBA and help establish a working relationship with UC's IET. Free wireless expansion is now on track for the downtown area. A major component of LEAD's platform was setting up wireless print centers on campus, and while this project is on track for completion (with more details supposedly coming Fall quarter 2006), wireless printing was not archived during Lloyd's time in ASUCD. For on-campus wireless expansion, Lloyd co-authored a bill with Adam Barr that was passed as urgent legislation on 6/2/05 to provide a $24,000 grant to IET for the purposes of greatly expanding and improving wireless coverage in the core campus area (including primarily the MU and Quad. The equipment was installed before the following fall quarter.

Environmental Audits of ASUCD Units by EPPC

Having worked with Senate Intern Liz and EPPC Chair Karly Kauffman, the EPPC Administrative Plan and Standing Rules description have both been updated (6/2/05) to reflect its new ability to conduct "Environmental Assessments" of ASUCD units.

Other Platform Items

- Quarterly Senate forum with on-campus orgs, clubs, fraternities and sororities. Regularly issued ASUCD publication to let students know about upcoming campus events and ASUCD projects (spearheaded at the time by running mate Janine Fiel).

- Student/Police Liaison position for reporting problems and concerns (now existing as Student Police Relations Committee Chair).

- Expand diversity, culture, and LGBT Programs (an ongoing pledge).

- Work to increase long-term zoning plans for greek housing (long term goal).

Other notable work while in office

- Wrote the time limits for the senate meetings

- Wrote the bill to allow commission chairs to leave the senate meeting when their work pertaining to their commission was completed

- Fought successfully to increase UCSA funding in the 2005-2006 budget to meet the minimum allowed for a vote

- Was a member of senate during the Fall 2005 elections scandal that ultimately resulted in retroactive amendments to the elections codes (thus earning a reputation among dissenters as taking advantage of loopholes)

- Wrote the bill to get log-on accounts for the senate office


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