Oh you silly freshman

During the 2006-2007 school year, the residents of Suite 206 in Thoreau Hall became notorious for their general lawlessness. Many successful parties were held and many people threw up on the carpet. Noise complaints from suite 106 were very common as the residents of 206 were notorious stompers and soccerball kickers. Once during the year, the residents of Thoreau woke up to find their beloved fountain was overflowing with bubbles and were filled with mirth at the sight. ;)

Suite 206 will go down in Thoreau history as the proud owner of the most overflowed bathrooms ever.

Interesting (or not) Crap

  • The air ducts in the A or D rooms can be popped open to store beverages of your choice
  • The C,D side toilet can only flush up to 5 wipes. always be ready to tear off the tank cover and grab the bobber thing
  • The sliding closet doors can be easily removed with tools and placed on the 2 stiff armchairs to form a beer pong table
  • The shelves next to the sinks can be removed with some force if the resident wishes to place a mini-fridge there
  • Furniture does not have to stay in the room you found it in. an unused wardrobe can fill up the otherwise empty common room and leave much needed space in A and D