1,000 Pages created

This page is the one thousandth page on the wiki. This is a huge milestone! Feel free to edit this page with your thoughts about the project so far.


I'm a johnny-come-lately to the wiki, but I think it's a terrific idea. I hope it catches on with some of the older set so I'm not the only grandmotherly type on here. But I do love the idea and how it continues to grow and grow and grow, just like the town. —BevSykes


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2004-12-10 19:11:12   I am very excited about this community, it has been growing much faster than I expected and I hope it continues to do so! - DanMasiel

2004-12-11 02:42:41   daviswiki rawks. - KenNeville

2004-12-11 18:06:36   I am amazed at the response to Davis Wiki has received so far. And it's already way cooler than we expected when we started out. - MikeIvanov

2006-05-18 01:13:07   yay —EricWu

2006-05-18 03:28:35   I've been drawn into the daviswiki recently. It could go to a higher plateau of the possibilities of the internet. How about a counter for the current number of pages and maybe a counter of pages that were created, but some of them may have been removed? —BruceHansen

2006-05-18 08:18:39   Hey guys... see the bottom of Recent Changes. We're over 6500 pages now. —BrentLaabs