Three man is a drinking game played with a pair of dice, two hats, and usually about 5-15 people. Everyone should have their favorite alcoholic beverage on hand.

Anyway, get everyone in a circle, probably over a table or countertop or something.

Now, there are two hats:

One hat is the three man hat. Who ever is wearing the three man hat is the three man. They drink a drink whenever a 3 is rolled on either die. They drink 3 drinks whenever a 1 is rolled on one die, and a 2 on the other (commonly known as "Three man the hard way"). The last person to join the game gets to wear the three man hat, and if someone else wants to join in, then they have to wear the three man hat. The three man hat can only be passed to someone new if someone else joins the game, or if the person wearing the three man hat rolls a 3. In the latter case, the three man gets to give the hat to anyone else who's playing, thus essentially passing the title of three man to this new person.

The other hat is the cunt hat (please excuse my French). The person wearing the cunt (sorry) hat drinks a drink whenever the dice are passed to someone new. The person who rolled either of the dice off the edge of the table last wears the cunt (sorry) hat.

Then give someone the dice, and have them roll both of them. They keep rolling the dice until NONE of the following occur:

  • They roll a 3 on either die (the three man drinks a drink, everyone else yells "Three man!").
  • They roll a 1 on one die, and a two on the other (Three man drinks three drinks, everyone else yells, "Three man the hard way!").
  • The total on both dice adds up to 7 (The person on the roller's right takes a drink, commonly known as "Seven to the right").
  • The total on both dice adds up to 11 (the person on the roller's left takes a drink, commonly known as "Eleven to the left").
  • They roll doubles. (This is complicated, so bear with me. One die is deemed "hard". The roller gets to pass this die to anyone else, who then has to drink that many drinks. The other die is deemed "soft". The roller gets to pass this die to anyone else, who then rolls the die and drinks the total. BUT, if they roll the SAME number as the number on the die that was handed to them, then it gets passed back to the person who rolled it first, who now has to drink two times the number that was rolled, plus whatever they roll next... UNLESS they roll the same number that was handed to them... basically it bounces back and forth between these two people until someone rolls a different number, at which time they have to drink ((number rolled first)x(times bounced))+(different number rolled).)

If none of the above happen, then they pass the dice to the next person in the circle, and the person wearing the cunt (last time) hat takes a drink.

Keep playing until you can't anymore.

  • The current record is 35 drinks to a single person at once. (Double sixes - soft dice bounced 5 times - then someone rolled a five.)