26990 Road 95A
(At the intersection with Russell)
(530) 756-8355

Three Palms Nursery was a Yolo County wholesale production nursery. Three Palms Nursery closed permanently on March 31, 2019 after having been in business for 30 years. Their motto was: "all guaranteed to grow HERE ...'cause they're grown HERE."

Seasonal Hours:

Nov., Dec., Jan. open by appointment please call (530) 756-8355

February thru March 14th- Open Saturday & Sunday, 9 to 5.

March 15th- open Tuesday thru Friday, 10 to 6; Saturday & Sunday, 9 to 5.

July thru October- Tuesday thru Sunday, 9 to 1.

All sale days open 9 to 5.

Closed Mondays

Feel free to visit the Greg Lynn Memorial Arboretum here at the nursery.


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2010-07-01 14:24:08   This nursery is at a really nice location just outside of Davis, very quite and nestled in some native riparian trees, a great little getaway. They carry some pretty cool rare and unusual plants, as well as a good selection of trees and other interesting perennials and annuals. The unusual selection is what I like best, things that cant be found readily at many other nurseries. Great nursery over all! —Didjstud

2010-08-16 15:34:22   I love 3 Palms Nursery and their great location. It's a great place to browse with the kids — they get their nature outing for the day while you shop. It's lovely, and I always like giving business to folks who are active in the Davis community like Phil Kitchen/s? Keep up the great work Phil! Now, if you can only have a nice garden dinner some evening to celebrate your beautiful place. If so, count me in! —CaryArnold

2016-04-20 12:31:51   I first stumbled into this little hidden gem after doing a search on nearby nurseries, and I must say I am glad I found out about this place. The owner is really nice and has great knowledge of plants, not to mention that he takes the time to answer any questions you may have. On top of that he gives you a planting guide with your purchase to ensure that your plants survive. As for the plants he has a wide selection of pretty cool plants including: Grasses, Succulents, Citrus, Natives, and Stone Fruit just to mention a few. Oh and I almost forgot he has his own personal Arboretum which he has open to the public, a perfect place to have a family picnic. So if you are a plant nerd like me or even if you are not I would definitely recommend you check this place out !! —FLM

2016-12-17 14:08:21   The owner is really nice and as helpful as can be, with a great deal of advice for the plants he provides. However I have my critiques. Like many nurseries in Davis he doesn't really sell many perennials that are well suited to Davis/central valley weather unless you plant them in partial shade or provide plenty of water. He also doesn't have much stock involving California natives and of the natives that he does have, many of the gallon plants are much smaller than those you can order from other nearby nurseries. If I were to go shopping for plants again I'd consult the wealth of information available on the Las Pilitas Nursery website and buy what I could from Three Palms while saving up some money for the CNPS plant sale in Sacramento. I want to support local businesses, but the quality and selection isn't always there when you're looking for natives that can tolerate the weather in Davis/Yolo County without having to worry about killing them. —Clinton.Gibson