I thought she was dead when I took this picture, but then she woke up

Tiger is owned by SamSellers and lives a leisurely life of sleeping, pooping, staring at invisible things on the wall and running away from them, cleaning herself, eating, throwing up what she just ate, and then eating that too. She is fifteen years old and her full name is Tiger II, named after Sam's first cat Tiger I, who was run over in front of his eyes when he was five. She has taken well to Davis, and has already made many friends there.

Tiger enjoys playing dress-up

A pretty flower Tiger shows her support for March Mustache Madness I'm not quite sure what she is supposed to be in this one Her owner figures that for all the money he spends on her food, and if you take into account how little she helps out around the house, she owes it to him to dress her up in embarrassing costumes once in a while.


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2006-01-04 00:59:24   Love the pics aww she makes a cute flower. —ElizabethBarthel

2006-03-17 03:19:48   I think I saw your cat outside my apartment a couple weeks ago. She came inside and hissed at Bailey then promptly scampered off. —KristyHeidenberger

2006-10-23 11:30:53  

Where does Tiger currently reside? --["Users/GregoryGai"]