Classical Dance Technique

with Timothy Nutter

My teaching style emphasizes aspects of dance relating to theater and music: emotion, gesture, tempo and musicality. I also believe in encouraging students to think and evaluate for themselves, to draw connections between dance and other areas of experience, and always to continue making adjustments.

Although I am not currently offering any regular ballet technique classes, I am available for private lessons at the rate of $80 per hour. In my work with ballet students in this area, I have found that a few private lessons can help students make significant progress in their classwork and performances. If you are a dancer dedicated to improving your artistry, working with me one-on-one can provide valuable feedback, applicable to your on-going work with a regular teacher or studio.

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Click here for a video of a recent dance and music collaboration with guitarist Matthew Grasso.




Timothy Nutter attended college at SUNY Purchase and Antioch College. At Purchase, he studied in the Conservatory of Dance, while producing his own dance shows and running an independent improv dance troupe. During this time he also studied in New York City, taking classes with contemporary artists such as Wil Swanson, Keith Thompson and Kathleen Fisher (all formerly of Trisha Brown Dance Company), and learning contact improvisation in the basement of Judson Church.

At Antioch Timothy studied philosophy, linguistics, and drama. He graduated in 2004 with a B.A. in philosophy. Timothy attended graduate school in 2005 at Villanova University in Philadelphia, where he studied history of philosophy. In 2012, he again attended graduate school, this time working on the philosophy of biology at Exeter University in England.

Timothy has trained in a number of different dance traditions, but mainly ballet, modern, post-modern, improvisation, and ballroom. Two of Timothy's philosophy professors were Scott Warren at Antioch and James Wetzel at Villanova. At Purchase, he studied music with the pianist Richard Cameron-Wolfe and dance composition with Neil Greenberg. In New York, he studied acting at the Terry Schreiber Studio and Theatre.

"Follow the truth, wherever it may lead." –Thomas Jefferson


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