Classical and Contemporary Dance Classes

with Timothy Nutter

Timothy's teaching style emphasizes aspects of dance relating to theater and music: emotion, gesture, tempo and musicality. He also believes in encouraging students to think and evaluate for themselves, to draw connections between dance and other areas of experience, and always to continue making adjustments.

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Click here for a video of a recent dance and music collaboration with guitarist Matthew Grasso.

Very Beginning Adult Ballet

My apologies, but this class is now cancelled! My best wishes to all the adult dancers in Davis, and good luck with your studies.

Here is a beginning ballet class just for adults. If you have never tried ballet before, this is the class to get you started. We will cover all the fundamental skills, exercises and vocabulary of basic ballet technique, but at a slow pace, ideal for beginning adults. It’s a great way to exercise the whole body, while you enjoy learning about a creative and beautiful dance tradition.

The Time: Fridays, 11:00am–12:30pm (Please note the new later time slot will begin on November 8th.)

The Place: Davis Holistic Health Center, 1403 5th Street, Suite B

First class will be October 18th. For now the fee will be $15 per 90 minute class, paid monthly, cash or personal check. (October fee will be $30, November $75, etc.)

Ballet Partnering

Photo by Dan Perlea The Place: Davis Holistic Health Center, 1403 5th Street, Suite B

This class is suspended indefinitely! My apologies for the inconvenience. The Time: Sundays 11am–12:30pm

For now the fee will remain what it was at FDF, $15 per 90 minute class. Please bring cash or check, as I will not be able to take debit or credit cards.

The Davis Holistic Health Center is on the north-eastern corner of the intersection of L Street and 5th Street. The building is east of the corner gas station, along 5th Street. To get there by car, turn into the gas station, then drive around the buildings behind the station to get to the parking lot for the Center and the Fitness Garage.

Photo by Dan Perlea


Timothy Nutter attended college at SUNY Purchase and Antioch College. At Purchase he studied in the Conservatory of Dance, while producing his own dance shows and running an independent improv dance troupe. During this time he also studied in New York City, taking class with contemporary artists such as Wil Swanson, Keith Thompson and Kathleen Fisher (all formerly of Trisha Brown Dance Company), and learning contact improvisation in the basement of Judson Church.

At Antioch Timothy studied philosophy, linguistics and drama. He graduated in 2004 with a B.A. in philosophy. Timothy attended graduate school in 2005 at Villanova University in Philadelphia, where he studied history of philosophy. In 2012, he again attended graduate school, this time working on the philosophy of biology at Exeter University in England.

Timothy has trained in a number of different dance traditions, but mainly ballet, modern, post-modern, improvisation, and ballroom. Teachers in the Davis and Sacramento area he has worked with include: Hanneke Lohse, Pamela Trokanski, Barbara Nicholas, Gwen Burton, Lisa Applegate, and Cara Rains. Two of Timothy's philosophy professors were Scott Warren at Antioch and James Wetzel at Villanova. At Purchase he studied music with the pianist Richard Cameron-Wolfe and dance composition with Neil Greenberg. In New York, he studied acting at the Terry Schreiber Studio and Theatre.

Timothy has also begun a small business as a writing tutor.

Timothy regularly performs his songs on guitar at the Monticello Restaurant open mic nights (Wednesdays at 8:30pm).

"Follow the truth, wherever it may lead." –Thomas Jefferson


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