Jonathan "Tiny" Sanders was the unsuccessful Student Focus candidate for ASUCD Vice President for the Winter 2007 ASUCD election. Running with Spencer Higgins, the Student Focus executive ticket lost to Kareem Salem and Julie Hooper by nearly 2,000 votes.

Jonathan is a former Senate President pro tempore and was a Fall 2005 Senator for L.E.A.D.. He is a Unitrans bus driver, Delta Chi Fraternity brother, and was a summer advisor for the Summer of 2005 and 2006. He was elected. Recently he left L.E.A.D. and became an independent. That lasted for much of his reign as Senate President Pro-Tempore,  before joining Student Focus at the end of his term. 


Winter 2007 Candidate Statement

My Friends and Peers,

Let me first off say thank you for the support that you have shown myself and Spencer. It has been a long time since a qualified ASUCD Vice President has been put on a ticket. As a former ASUCD Pro Tempore I have run sucessful senate meetings and have a vast knowledge of the bylaws and runnings of ASUCD.

I want to bring to ASUCD appreciation for the employees who work hard to make ASUCD successful. I know that student workers that we employee are not getting paid enough for the services they provide. We pass resolutions in ASUCD to call for unionization and fair practices in business for employees, but we ourselves have fallen short. I want to work to raise wages in all of our subsidized units. I also want to get a discount system in order so that all our student employees can receive discounts from the other services that we own in ASUCD. As a student employee I know how hard it is to work and go to school and it is important that student workers receive as much help as possible The ASUCD government should be first and foremost focused on the students to which it serves. Therefore ASUCD must reform its practices and make sure that its primary concern at all times is the students and what they need. Afterwards we can focus on external issues. It is time for change

Thank you all,

Tiny Sanders Student Focus Vice Presidential Candidate Former ASUCD Senate Pro Tempore Delta Chi Associate Member Counselor

Fall 2005 Senate Candidate Statement

My name is Jon “Tiny” Sanders, but most of you just know me simply as Tiny. I am running for ASUCD Senate. There are a lot of things that could be changed at UC Davis to make our lives as students better; however, not all of these improvements can be made at once. I am here to promise that I will do all that I can to make improvements and make them quickly.

ASUCD does not give enough money to organizations on campus. One main organization which everyone has heard of and just plain out heard is Cal Aggie Banda. It is time to start giving to those organizations that represent us Aggies so well and vibrantly. That is why I want to look at the budget and find money that we can allocate to Organizations. Those Organizations that represent us and make UC Davis great need our support.

Here at UC Davis we have a focus week for many important general issues such as sexuality and race, but no religious event. One area that we lack in is religion focus. I want to make an interfaith committee to set up a week for religious awareness and education.

UC Davis students need better relations with police and the community. We all know that parties will happen in Davis, it is a college town. ASUCD needs to set up networks with the police and community so that parties can happen and both the community and students benefit.

Finally, the ASUCD Senate needs to be known to all students and UC Davis. I am big and loud enough so all students will know who their senator is and be assured I will voice student concerns loud enough for everyone to hear. Remember “for big results vote TINY”.


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2008-08-26 01:20:36   Tiny! Your the man, I see you stomping around campus or smashing the Unitrans. —StevenDaubert