The Very Concrete To Do On The Davis Wiki List:

Timestamped: July 23, 2019

Here, step by step, Davis Wiki wishes for updating to the present year of 2019 will be summed up. Not too much, because if you list too much, no one will feel like it anymore.

So, let's start with the Front Page, which is a huge enough task already, let's start with: 

All these links + pages need to be checked and updated. Feel free to work with me (CO). As soon as we and I have checked everything under this out, and everything has been under a refreshing shower, this will be removed and replaced by the next screenshot. 

To Do (everybody!)

  • Wiki stuff that's important to you — socially, culturally, deliciously, etc. Search for topics you are interested in and either improve the page for them, or add a new page.
  • Edit the page Davis with some information about the town, for people who don't know anything about it. Add links to Town History, Davis Timeline, Campus, People's Republic of Davis and whatever else. Think of how you would give a tour of the town, or explain the town to someone.
  • Help the UC Davis page not suck! Campus currently contains a lot that should be in UC Davis. Campus ought to be just that: physical stuff, on-campus stuff. UC Davis ought to be more general. Share what it interesting and unknown about what is going on in your department.
  • Secret and underground passages - how about a page or two on the underground passages that connect buildings together? Allegedly there's also some underground way of getting to the UCD airport from Mrak, but this may be just a legend. - jr This can be confirmed as legend, but document the few passages that are real.
    • See no toad sexing in Davis for an interesting (and true) story about underground passages on campus. — DanMasiel
    • There are a number of websites (for example) devoted to this very activity. It would be cool to see what people have gotten themselves into in this city.
  • Wiki your Department. I'm not really sure how good of an idea it would be to have people start noding Classes and Professors, but for right now there's certainly no reason for something like Psychology to be so barren.
  • Wiki your Complex or your street. There are a ton of Apartment Complexes linked (though just as many still need to be), and hardly any of them have pages. Remember when you were looking for a place? Wouldn't it have been awesome to hear what people had to say about the various apartments? The good, the bad, the-anything? So create a page on your apartment complex and add it to Apartments!
  • Help with the Front Page. Help to keep it organized and focused on content about Davis.
    • There is currently an Explore Sandbox for working out a better version of Explore and suggestions.
    • (likewise, making a copy of Front Page and naming it Front Page Sandbox would work for suggestions to the front page).
    • Help us pick a Featured Page! — Think a page is cool? Or a page has potential to be awesome? Then spice up the page and suggest it in Next Featured Page!
  • Photos — Many pages contain no photos. In general, we need photos for most everyplace. While finding a random photo online might do for now, for lasting purposes, we need our own photos. Search for photo request to see where people really want a photo.
  • If you've only got 5 minutes, pick one of these pages: Wanted Pages and write it up. Or, add a link to a page with 0 links in Outgoing Links, or find an orphaned page and link to it from another page!
  • Add maps everywhere on the wiki, since we're switching mapping systems. Use the [[Address()]] macro to do this.
  • Add categories to Students 'High School' Students i.e. Current, Continuing, Independent Studies
  • Call apartments to ask about their Month-to-Month Rental Agreement policies. A definite "yes" and "no" list would be helpful there.
  • Welcome a new editor. Reach out and help to build community.
  • Fix outgoing links for old archived news articles. Old outgoing links to articles often become broken when website content is shifted around or completely deleted by a webmaster. In particular, California Aggie and Sacramento Bee are notorious for making their articles unavailable after a couple years. We should fix this by linking to archived versions of the same articles available at or The Davis Enterprise paywall can be skirted by linking to google caches of articles.

Appearance, Grammar and Flow

  • Spell checking — Correct spelling and grammar in main articles. Fixing typos is especially easy using Mozilla Firefox, where unrecognized words are underlined with red dots. (Note: Editing comments, even if just to fix spelling, is generally considered tacky.)
  • Fix links — Click on external links to see if they work. If a particular link doesn't work, remove the broken link and do an internet search for a working URL.
  • Archive old comments and reviews
    • Or don't: integrate them into the entry or try and organize them. Delete worthless comments.
  • Linking — A reason why wikis work so well is that you can easily navigate between related topics, but only as long as linking is prolific and consistent.

Other Suggestions and Questions

  • Useful information - The following statistics would be useful in figuring out what pages we should try and put into more of a hierarchy of pages, given attention to... and other development: a sorted/sortable page of data indicating the number of hits per page, are the largest in size, have the most photos, how many times edited. - jr
  • Make it possible to edit events that you post (rather than delete them) — ArlenAbraham
  • On the Orphaned Pages page for redirects show in parentheses which page is the target for each redirect. — JasonAller

Links to places

  • We need to go through a lot of the stuff on the wiki and make sure it's as linked up and well-organized as we can.
  • Need a good place to put Title Index and some other important organizational tools. We could put them on the Front Page in Explore but we need to re-organize Explore in few weeks (maybe).
  • So we have some awesome new Welcome to the Wiki pages. But how do new people get there. It seems like most of the important information comes from starting with Introduction (from the front page), and continuing on to Davis Wiki Guide. It seems like the Welcome subpages are only used now to tell someone they're wrong. Can we make it a little more prominent?

Off the Wiki

Wiki Development To Do

  • "external link" in visual editing toolbar should act similar to AIM's link UI. Also, perhaps a few more items in the visual editor.

What do you think? Suggestions and comments?

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2005-02-17 19:31:47 causes a crash report —JasonAller

  • I know. Mike said he'd fix that a long time ago but hasn't done it. Hence why we're going open source :)
  • 2009-01-25 14:44:44   still not fixed. —JasonAller

2005-05-13 14:08:50   The events page should allow you to specify a time range for an event, so that it doesn't drop off the page the moment the event starts. This would be very useful for all-day events where participants aren't really expected to stay the whole time. —JessicaLuedtke

2005-06-12 14:24:12   The map would be awesome if you could scroll from place to place instead of just zooming in once, sometimes twice, to see certain spots, especially those areas on the outter rim of an area's cut-off, that would make the map a little easier and user-friendly. That's my two cents. —MichelleAccurso

2005-07-24 19:20:11   I've been adding the box to put in reviews and comments to a bunch of places where I noticed there were none. Is it possible to just have that be a part of the template for businesses and such? Or even for every page? Or should every page not have a comment section? Personally I like the Comment box because of the time-stamp thing, especially for reviews. It makes wiki easier for newbies to share. —IrenePark

2006-02-12 19:03:25   I just made a page for the Davis Chorale, whose Vespers performance I went to this evening. But there seems to be no page for Classical Music Groups or anything like that to link to it. It seems that the music-oriented pages are pretty focused on college bands. I don't know enough to even really get started, but it would be great if we could have pages about classical groups, too. —DanielBrown

2006-03-21 18:03:03   how about making comments reverse chronological (recent to oldest) that way we see most relevant/recent comments, suggestions, observations without scrolling down? —LookyLoo

  • No. Comments currently work by appending to the end of the page, and this would be much harder to code. Also, it encourages unthreaded conversations (are we supposed to thread up?). If comments no longer apply, they should either be integrated or (probably) deleted. —BrentLaabs

2006-03-29 10:45:39   What about a Literature page? I want to make one but I don't know how and I'm not sure if I'd have enough time. —JoshFernandez

2006-12-13 05:31:19   You should make a quicklink button!! —JoyDomingo

How would you want to see that work? Right now there's an external link button that inserts []. The best implementation of this I can think of is some sort of suggested links interface where, for example, the word "Chipotle" is used on a page, it would suggest a link. — ArlenAbraham

2007-03-20 11:06:10   Boredom can be remedied on the Wiki in much more beneficial ways, but one can perhaps undertake the task of alphabetizing the People page- by last name, presumably. —LeonardMarque

2009-02-10 11:41:31   i am trying to get to the departments of medical practices and i keep getting crap. —sylviatanner

2012-03-20 07:34:11 might be worth connecting to the rice fields out by the Causeway. —JabberWokky

2013-03-15 12:12:41   I'm would like to create a new page for my complex, but don't know where to start! Please Help! :) —AngelDonovan

2013-03-15 12:17:56   I found by searching an apartment complex template, can I use that to get started, or is that just an example? Thanks for your help!! —AngelDonovan

  • Easiest way is to search for the name of the complex. If it doesn't show up, the first options above the search results are to create a new entry by that name. When you do, you can choose from any of the templates. What is the complex? I'm surprised there are any that don't have an entry already. —Evan 'JabberWokky' Edwards

The name has changed. I asked previously and I was told to create a new page and leave the old as reference. (Americana Arms ... now Academy Lane) Thanks!

2019-07-23 17:53:08   This is an important page. My "To Do" next is to explore all Davis Wiki Front Page links, because I randomly picked one, "Crime", and yes, there it was, a bunch of outdated, not working links, outdated text too. And so very much not updated to recent times. So, this must be only the tip of the iceberg. Somehow, I think a "To Do" list should be on the Front Page, as a challenge and invitation for all visitors to pick one or more from this list, to make their contribution. A checklist to check off, once completed. —ConstantiaOomen