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Tom Nakanishi, former owner My Kissaki Titanium Scissors

Former Location
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About Tom!

Tom was a Mobile Groomer who used to groom Australian Shepherds for show for many years. He worked with the late Charlene Benjamin and the Fo' Paws grooming staff and professionally freelanced dog grooming for a while. He is a UC Davis student planning on becoming a veterinarian and worked to pay his way through school by grooming dogs.

Tom would drive out to your house to groom your dog; he had all portable grooming equipment. He didn't have a grooming trailer, so he would do the grooming in the comfort of your own home. Tom was trained in all types of grooming including custom cuts and trims which ensured that your doggie looked exactly how you wanted them to!

Tom's Grooming Approach

There are three things that stand out in my grooming style:

  • Calm

    I don't use the alpha-dominant approach to grooming. I want to create a positive relationship between me and the dog so that even the most wild dog will, with time and consistency, become easy to groom. If a dog doesn't like to be groomed, there has to have been some negative experience associated with grooming in the past. I want to incur enough positive experiences with grooming that there is no longer a need for an alpha-dominant relationship, but rather a stable, consistent balance between me and the dog.

  • Custom

    Now, not many people know this, but I've been showing dogs since I was nine. Yes, I've only been grooming as a profession for a small while, but I've been grooming for the show ring ever since I was young. Through the years I've picked up grooming from many different handlers and owners and I've explored a variety of styles and techniques. From this I'm able to be extremely versatile with custom haircuts and trims. You tell me how you want it, and I can make it happen.

  • Show Worthy

    I always strive to make each dog look as if they were show worthy. In the show ring, one small clipper mark can cost you that first place ribbon - some judges will actually place you last for having an "unnatural looking coat". I'm used to working under these conditions and it carries through in all of my haircuts. My goal has always been the perfect haircut where: 'the hair lays in ideal length, shape, and volume without ever looking as if the dog has been groomed'. And I'm proud to say that I've achieved that many times before."

Haircuts & Baths

(prices are shown for historical purposes only) My scissors, combs, and nail trimming equipment, minus the new stuff!

(Haircut) Size Of Dog \ Length Of Hair
Short Hair
Medium Hair
Long Hair
Small Dog
Medium Dog
Large Dog
Note: Matted dogs may need to be shorn!
Small Dog
Medium Dog
Large Dog

Nail Trims At Toad Hollow Dog Park!

Price: $10

Awards And Pictures

Toby and Tom - In the show ring Chili and Tom - 1st place Lacey and her awards


At the Howl-O-Ween Dog Park Party! Tom and Watson! Mochi!!!


Dylan!!! Sophie!!! Beaker!!!



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2010-11-14 00:06:37   Awesome groomer! Dropped my yorkie puppy at petco groomer who couldnt give my puppy a cut blaming him so difficult, I picked up the phone and call Tom and he did a great job on my puppy. Definitely will ask for service from him again. —AnnLe

2011-01-02 21:02:22   Winning a prize was never so beautiful. Dylan dog won a free groom from Tom during the Halloween Musical Chairs Contest at Toad Hollow. Not only was the cut superb and the grooming gorgeous, but Dylan had a great time hangin' with Tom and was a happy boy when it was all over. Thanks Tom for great service and next to finding the perfect hairdresser for me, getting a groomer I can trust for Dylan is the top of my list! —suzanneemerson

2011-04-17 20:34:46   Professional and friendly! Tom did a great job brushing my dog even though my dog wasn't the easiest to work with. Thanks, Tom! —EMin

2011-06-25 14:46:00   nice scissors —StevenDaubert