Tom Waits is a famous, eccentric musician on Anti Records, which is a subdivision of Epitaph. He lives near Sebastopol, which is a small town in Sonoma county.

Waits' daughter, Kellesimone Waits, has some business in the area, which explains why Waits has been seen eating at Cafe Bernardo or going into Tower or Armadillo Records.

Kellesimone Waits was here in Davis as a student doing an independent study on the neurology of mental illness and chemical imbalances for several months. Her dad, Tom did visit and most often could be found at Cafe Roma on E st, except for the one time I took him and his wife to lunch at Cafe Bernardo. Just setting the record straight. — CayceWallace

In July of 2005 Waits also attended a concert at Delta of Venus in which one of his studio musicians (Ara Anderson performed under the name Iron & the Albatross) when opening up for Garrett Pierce's last show while living in Davis.


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