726 2nd Street inside Froggy's
Monday - Saturday 11:30am-9pm
Sunday 10:00am-5pm with NFL Sunday ticket and NEW breakfast
(530)75-TOMMY a.k.a. (530)758-6669
Tom Jobst
(October 2006)

Tommy J's is the the name of the kitchen in Froggy's. Tommy J's also does high quality catering. It is owned and operated by former ASUCD Coffee House manager Tom Jobst. Tommy J's was voted #3 burger in Davis in California Aggie's Best of Davis 2007, and voted #2 in 2009, behind Burgers and Brew.

Tommy J's has a rotating list of daily specials that are pretty tasty and if you go at a not-too-busy time (ex: between 2 and 5) you can create your own custom burger using any combination of the ingredients they have.


Chicken Strips

  • $6.95 Basket. Four strips served with Curly Fries. Served with ranch and Pete's Heat BBQ Sauce.

Hot Wings

  • $5.75 1/2 dozen, 10.25 full dozen. Served with celery and blue cheese dressing.
    • These wings are quite good, and fairly cheap. Big and meaty. I'd rank them just slightly below Lamppost and Sudwerk, which are the best in town, but they're also cheaper. They use Frank's as a base for their sauce. —TomGarberson


All Burgers are 1/2 pound patties served on sesame buns, with Curly Fries and pickles, tomatoes, lettuce and onion on the side. All burgers are also available on a chicken breast or gardenburger. Served with 1000 dressing and mayonnaise on the buns.

The Cheeseburger

  • $7.25. Served with cheddar cheese, Thousand Island, mayo, and pickles, tomatoes, lettuce and onion.

The Blue Buffalo

  • $8.25. Coated in Frank's Hot Wing Sauce and topped with home-made garlic blue cheese.

The Blue Bacon

  • $8.95. Bacon and our home-made blue cheese spread.

The Cali-Burger

  • $8.95. Served with bacon and avacado.

The Mexicali

  • $8.25. Served with fresh pico de gallo salsa, pepperjack cheese, and chipotle mayo.

The Swiss 'N' Shroomer

  • $8.25. Served with sauteed mushrooms and onions topped with Swiss cheese.

BBQ Bacon Burger

  • $8.95. Served with bacon, home-made Pete's BBQ sauce, and made from scratch onion rings.

The Double Burger!

  • 10.99 with just cheese or 12.99 as any of the specialty burgers.

Sandwiches & Salads

All Sandwiches include Fries

California Chicken Sandwich

  • $7.50. Marinated and grilled chicken breast, avocado, tomato, and mayo on a sesame bun.

The Club

  • $7.00. Triple decker on sliced sourdough with bacon, tomato, lettuce and your choice of regular or chipotle mayonnaise.


  • $6.75. Bacon, lettuce, and tomato served on sliced sourdough with your choice of regular or chipotle mayonnaise.

BBQ Chicken Salad

  • $7.50. Home-made BBQ sauce, chicken breast, romaine lettuce, ranch dressing, avocado, cheddar cheese, chopped tomatoes, corn, and black beans.
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2006-11-11 14:07:49   I have had the onion rings and tacos...very good! —JamesSchwab

2006-11-28 17:35:44   How many Jalapeno poppers come in an order? —StevenDaubert

2007-01-03 23:08:45   A friend and I shared the Mexicali and Blue Buffalo burgers....I wouldn't doubt it if they won some awards soon. Friggin' amazing. —JamesSchwab

2007-01-04 09:58:15   This is some serious kick ass bar food, even when it's not 2 am and you're drunk. —JeffSpeckles

2007-03-08 13:20:23   Great food, the entire bar staff and bouncers at sophia's are devout followers of tommy's grill. Those tacos and sandwiches hit the spot after a night tending bar —JarrettNoble

2007-04-02 00:21:07   I'm gonna go here tomorrow, get some grub —StevenDaubert

2007-04-02 13:27:12   Get the Blue Buffalo Burger it is tasty —JarrettNoble

-my aforementioned comment, resulted in an immediate craving for said burger. Indulging my need for immediate gratification I just had another one. I would like to emphasize the tasty nature of this bovine inspired delight.

2007-04-02 13:30:08   chicken strips and a beer makes a mighty fine afternoon snack. Especially when building up courage for a nice hair cut up the street. —RocksandDirt

2007-04-25 23:09:04   I used to work at the CoHo under Tom and he's a great guy so uh...haha yeah I haven't had the food there yet but I can definitely vouch for the owner :P —NatalieKitchiner

2007-04-30 15:07:04   Hey everybody, Tommy J here. We are now open until 8pm Monday-Saturday and all burgers are now available on a chicken breast or gardenburger. We had to make some menu changes due to the small kitchen, but we still have a great variety of burgers and sandwiches. Tommy J's T-shirts are also available and be on the lookout for $1.00 off coupons. My staff will be passing those out on campus next week! —TomJobst

2007-05-19 19:13:38   This place has the best burgers in town. Redrum is crap. —JoyChu

2007-08-17 12:04:29   I vote Tommy J's the best burger in Davis. —RobRoy

2007-09-13 03:32:01   Nice to meet ya....I look forward to my blue buffalo plate this Friday with my sister. -Daniel —DCWine

2007-11-04 22:07:44   Dude, these are the burgers to die for! Best-friendliest service around, too. Do yourself a favor and stop in. It's my new fav. —MattJurach

2007-11-29 15:13:37   Words can't express how amazed I was at the quality of the burgers here. Absolutely the best burger in Davis. In'N'Out gets the nod if price is considered, but for a few bucks more, the fries are a million times better, the burger is better, and you get a better atmosphere. It's like, wow... this is Froggy's? Sooo different when sober. —William.Peacock

2007-12-05 23:05:40   Definitely the best (vegi) burgers in Davis. The Swiss 'n Schommer if unbelievable! They have gardenburger patties and will make any burger with one. Fantastic! Thanks Tommy J. —havanese

2008-01-09 18:28:37   Everybody...go eat there! You won't regret it =] —MargieVanHealy

2008-01-11 18:43:17   If your looking for a real burger, this is the place. Hands down the best burger I've had in Davis, and I've had them all!!! —jgran

2008-03-17 08:45:19   Very good burgers. Fresh and tasty. —RocksandDirt

2008-04-30 20:22:59   i was craving the cali-burger just now, and i needed the phone number, but i realized they just closed.Rats!! im glad i got offensive service from the owners at burgers and brew, because i probably wouldnt have gone here instead and found a burger that is just as good, if not better. —JeffIto

2008-05-08 13:45:31   Oh hey it's my former boss. -I had a chicken pesto sandwich. It was really good quality. I'm the sort of person who's too picky and shouldn't be eating out, since I like to substitute for things like wheat bread instead of sesame bun, spring mix or spinach instead of romaine, etc.— but that's just me being fickle. -My bf had a Philly cheese steak (special, not on the regular menu) with tri-tip, and swears it's one of the best Philly cheese steaks he's ever had. He also loved the curly fries. He keeps bugging me about coming back, so yes, we will be coming back. If anything on the menu looks remotely good to you, you need to go try it. Take a break from Burgers and Brew and give this a try. It's seriously really darn good food. —ThuHo

2009-07-26 19:31:36   Went here a couple weeks ago and it was fantastic! Had the buffalo blue burger (with bacon), and the rueben. the rueben is a special, and i highly recommend keeping an eye out for it. two thick cut pieces of corned beef was amazing! the burger was super fresh, like they had just ground it that day. wonderful! i would recommend (or at least ask next time) for extra buffalo sauce on the burger, and maybe some better bacon, more in-line with Alibaba's, which is pretty fantastic. great service and Tom is awesome. wish we found this place sooner! —ADP

2009-10-02 14:29:04   I called their number and placed my order to-go. I was in a rush...

Let me say, first and foremost, I'm a Hamburger Man. I've been to my share of hamburger joints, and I make an excellent burger at home... These were approaching the quality and taste of homemade! The bun! OMG THE BUN! Don't get me started on the bun. The meat tasted good too. The curly fries were just right. Portions were huge.

Best burger joint in Davis. —H4rry

2009-10-08 11:47:54   I LOVE their BLT with chipotle mayo, and Tommy J is a really nice guy. They deserve to do well! Much better and MUCH nicer than Burger's and Brew. —charliesangels

2010-02-23 18:15:21   Tommy J catered a wedding I went to. It was very high quality stuff, excellent tri-tip and BBQ beans. He brought a BBQ trailer, plates, napkins, and everything. —DagonJones

2010-08-20 12:39:12   EASILY the best burger in Davis. I would go here any day over Burgers and Brew. My servers are also always great, pay attention to where you are in your meal without annoying you every five minutes. —ColinGoulding

2010-10-25 12:39:55   I feel cheated that I only discovered this during the summer before my last year in Davis. The Blue Buffalo burger is my favorite thing in the world to eat (this side of my Grandma's cooking of course). —sososharp

2011-04-27 12:59:42   Best burger in Davis. Burgers and Brew wins in the "brew" dept, but when it comes to the burgers and fries, Tommy J slays them all. —TheRadish

  • Yep, Tommy J.'s beer selection is pretty dull, but adequite for the amazing burgers. Burger and Brew needs the beer selection to cover up the lacking quality of their burgers. —[MichaelNielsen]

2011-05-03 02:39:09   Cajun Bacon Burger with Jalapenos is hard to beat. Love it! —CarlosOverstreet

Tommy J has the best burger and service in town, hands down. —JoshLawson

2011-05-13 14:59:39   Hands down the BEST Clam Chowder EVER! —MandyLWittenberg

2011-05-24 19:23:51   TommyJ's burger was everything I had hoped that Burgers and Brew's would be. (I felt queasy eating at Burgers and Brew.. so much grease). Love the fresh buns from Village Bakery with TommyJ's meaty patty. Best burgers!!! Our server was amazing too! —kestry

2011-06-02 11:35:29   Not sure why it took me so long to eat here. One of my biggest regrets in life is spending the last 4 years eating at Burgers & Brew instead of supporting Tommy J's. This is now the ONLY place in Davis I'll go for a burger. The Blue Buffalo is soooo good. Juicy, not greasy. Chicken Pesto Sandwich is also good. Service is fast and friendly. They have a full bar. I could good go on but it would just me redundant. In my opinion best burger (especially when service is factored in) in town. —WillODonnell

2011-06-19 01:39:54   Best burger in Davis. I've tried most all of them, and these ones are super tasty. Plus, Tommy is hilarious. —ChristyMarsden

2011-06-19 09:59:35   You've got Preacher, Johnny, Adam and so many others, not to mention the amazing fries (yes, I know it's just fries, but how many places cook them the way you actually like them without any special requests to do so???) and the great burgers... the double BBQ Bacon Burger.. yummy! —Wes-P

2011-07-13 20:35:40   I'd like to confirm the ravings about this place. At first, I was skeptic. We are talking about burgers and fries for crying out loud. There are two types of burgers: the kid's burgers that you can buy with a soda, and adult burgers you can buy with a beer. There's very little variation within those groups. Within the first group, McDonald is the bottom of the foodchain(s, hehe) and then there's Carl's Jr. reaching for the style of the adult burgers. For fries, there's the worst I ever had at In and Out, and then the thick crispy ones at adult burger joints. The best burger I had, was at a place near the Spanish Table in Berkeley. It was a Lamb burger and I tried Burger and Brew's lamb burger which was a total letdown. Then after reading all these comments about Tommy J. I decided to give it a try. and... O. M. G.!! First I was curious at them serving the lettuce, onion and tomato on the side for me to assemble myself, but I put the salad on my burger and closed the lid on it and sank my teeth into it, and it was an explosion! Imagine a tomato on a grill and you take it off when its about to burst. Then you put your teeth in it and the juices explode! I couldn't believe it! And the balance of the flavors were just perfect. The meat was juicy, the bacon crisp. I had the cali-burger, medium fried. The fired were thick and crisp, slightly peppered. Not greasy. Thumbs up! I wish I knew about this place when my wonderful fiancee was here :( I'll definitely go more times before I leave Davis. —MichaelNielsen

2011-07-24 18:18:00   After reading the reviews, I thought I would try it out. First, I read the menu and ordered a BBQ bacon burger. I read that it came with onion rings on it (like most BBQ burgers do). When I received the burger it had none on it. I asked the waitress and she said that it doesn't come with it. WTF? seriously it says on the menu. I was the only person eating in there. I decided that I would just eat the burger as is, as I don't really need to be eating that much more crap anyway. Well, The bun was soggy and the burger a bit overdone not to mention the lack of ONION RINGS. I would be lying if I said that this was the best burger in town. I know it's definitely lacking in the service department. And no, this isn't me being a disgruntled patron. I just was really expecting more according to the reviews I had read.—contour66

2011-10-10 15:14:13   I am a big fan of Tommy J's burger and definitely one of the many that considers them the best burger in town. However, the past 3-4 times I've gone there over the past 6 months I've been greatly disappointed in how the burgers were cooked. The first many times I went, they were done exactly how I wanted them (typically Med.Rare). However, over the past few months, all of the burgers have been coming out Well Done, Med.Well at best. I went again last night, and knowing that the burgers have been overcooked recently, I ordered mine Rare. To my amazement, it not only came out Well Done, it was quite crispy/charred too! Not what I want for an $11 burger. The waitress mentioned that it was a new cook, and it was only his second night, but this does not account for the times over the past few months. I typically rave about these burgers to people who haven't been there, but since April, I haven't been able to get it the way I like it. I really want to keep coming here, so please correct this soon! —ADP

2012-01-02 16:30:03   tommy j's has great burgers... yummy fries... outstanding service . Not to mention the menu is hysterical... I love all the descriptions of the many many ways you can get your burger. for me, meat was cooked to perfection med rare... delicious! —karenmo

2012-09-25 14:34:26   The worst, greasiest food ever. THe bread was soggy with oil....the kids' food, soggy and greasy enough to squeeze it out. I don't know how this place gets so many raves. Yuck. —RubieGrayson

2013-02-13 18:17:08   Best burger in Davis. not the prettiest, not the leanest, but the best experience. And pretty cheap beer —Coleseeger

2013-08-16 11:20:51   Tommy's is great! I've been a big fan for the past 3 years. The drinks are priced just right and the food is always delicious and the wait staff always friendly and super efficient. I'm grateful to have a fun and consistent place to go in Davis...much better than most other restaurants in Davis. —CameronMunnally

2016-07-20 07:41:16   Ran in there yesterday and grabbed a burger. In the middle of the day, completely sober, this was a fantastic burger. It's a few blocks further from campus, but for those B&B die-hards, do yourself a favor and try a burger or two from this place. —DavidBarnum