happy on his wedding day, May 21, 2005

Name: Tony R. Martin

Credentials: PharmD, MBA

Birthday: 1971- Florida

Profession: Pharmacist, Director Continuing Education and Continuing Medical Education for Therapeutics Research, Inc. publishers of Pharmacists' Letter, Prescribers' Letter, and the Natural Medicine Comprehensive Database.

History in Davis Moved to Davis 1994 for PhD program at UC Davis, Then, moved back to Florida for Doctor of Pharmacy program in 1998, Moved back to Davis (after brief stint in Chicago) in July 2002. Realizes Davis is the greatest place on earth and will never move again!


What others say – an all-around great guy. Smart, funny, playful, charismatic, generous, kind, honest, hardworking, witty, a great party host, sexy, world's greatest husband!

What tony says- "mysterious and dangerous"

playful-look how much fun we're having sexy- strange men chase him down on the streets dangerous- exploring the big, bad, world! funny- what a niiiicceee...sense of humor :-) world's greatest husband!

my peeps in Davis

Davis Aquatic Masters - joined Nov 2005 (crazy folks who like to swim in the winter). Can already swim a 29sec 50yd freestyle!

Old North Davis Neighborhood Association - Joined Oct 2003 (when bought our house in Old North). Holds secretary position on board.

Davis Food Co-Op - already a lifetime member!! I own it!! and like to stick it to the man!

== Things I like

Dogs - can't wait until my wife and I adopt one of our own. Love driving by the dog park and daydreaming about it!! Also would like to get some chickens someday...but let the record show I already have two of the best cats ever!

mookie mookie hodgey hodgey

Yoga - Something I have started doing since moving back to Davis. Laura Sutton at Peak Performance is the bomb instructor. Can anyone say "shavasana" ???

Being healthy- buying organic, exercising, eat lots of fiber, all things in moderation

Napping - need I say more?

Eating- also...self-explanatory. however, here is a list of Restaurants in Davis that I like and my recommendations for foods to try:

Million Dollar Ideas

I could tell you, but then I'd have to kill you!


JFK & Jackie'O we ain't but maybe Davis has yet to see it's Camelot To be an active citizen in the community of Davis. Maybe someday sit on school board or City Council. (Hopefully this webpage won't come back to haunt me)

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I think Tony is the first naked person on the wiki. - ArlenAbraham

Aren't we all naked under our clothes? At any rate, this is one heck of a great page... welcome to the Wiki, Tony!jw

I made this webpage as a christmas gift for my truly amazing husband Tony. I am honored to know him and the world is a blessed to have him cohabit it with us! Merry Christmas.... I love you" - HERM

"ps: many thanks to ArlenAbraham for fixing my early, novice wiki mistakes" - HERM

" I think this should be next week's featured page. How many other people got wiki pages as christmas gifts?" -HERM

" Isn't she the best? Stay tuned for her nude sunbathing pix" - Tony Martin