1837 East Gibson Road, Suite A, Woodland
11AM to 10PM 7 days a week
Wheelchair Accessible
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This is the best Indian food in Woodland, not because it is the only Indian restaurant in town, not because it's all alone on the wrongside of a strip mall, but because they throw down high quality dishes at affordable prices. Their meats are all Halal certified from some place in Sacramento and are extra humanely cared for and tender. There doesn't seem to be any consistent favorite dishes in the circular spew of garbage that is yelp, but everyone does seem to like everything except for the old decor. The new decor feels a bit a like a converted cantina with some pretty awesome painting of the mountainous regions of Nepal and India. They are particularly well known for their lunch and dinner buffets (only available some days of the week).

All entrees come with rice.

Their prices are lower than anything in Davis and the food is on par with best in town.

There is a $5 off orders over $30 coupon on their website as well as buffet discounts.


Not too bad, should have used the coupon


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2013-02-26 20:02:10   The service is attentive, and the price is decent. Several of us WCC English teachers recommend the lunch buffet. —NoelBruening

2013-02-26 23:43:23   The owner is really nice. The lunch buffet doesn't have much of a selection, but the food is really good. Sometimes it gets too salty, but that's what the naan bread and water is for. Prices are cheaper than anywhere in Davis. It's too bad the restaurant is located on the backside of a dead shopping plaza. —BenLee