720 Olive Dr
M-S 10am-9pm, other hours by appointment
(877)287-2297 Toll Free
http://www.tracyskaratestudios.com/ Local Website

Tracy's Karate Studios teaches Kenpo Jiu-Jitsu, a traditional Japanese martial art focusing on self-defense and street applicability rather than sport, and Shootfighting, consisting of a more MMA mixture of stand up fighting and ground fighting. They are both very challenging systems with an enormous curriculum of material, so belt progress tends to be slower than some other styles. Belt advancement is based only on knowledge and skill achievement, rather than elapsed time, attendance and belt testing fees. The Kenpo Jujitsu system offered is related to "Ed Parker's American Kenpo", but claims to be more true to the roots of the Kenpo system than American Kenpo, which has been heavily modified over the years.

The cost is primarily based on the number and frequency of private lessons you take, and all plans include unlimited group lessons (Monday through Friday they have 1/2 hour Kenpo and 1/2 hour kickboxing classes back-to-back in the evenings, and Tuesday and Thursday they have morning/afternoon groups and have hour-long Shootfighting/grappling classes in the evenings as well, with the kickboxing classes on those evenings as the first half of their Shootfighting (MMA) classes, and Saturday has an additional 1/2 hour Kenpo class in the mornings). You can decide to do primarily group lessons with only two privates per month for just a workout, which is their cheapest plan, but in order to advance more rapidly and learn their entire curriculum's requirements, and especially for belt level advancement, additional private instruction is required (at least 1 per week as opposed to 2 per month). There are also various discounts for things such as 1) taking more private classes (the more frequent the privates, the cheaper per session), 2) paying ahead for several months instead of monthly. Their most popular plan's price can seem pretty expensive for an individual (ranging in the mid $100's per month with privates once a week and the unlimited groups), but additional family members on the same course can study together at no additional charge, or a friend can opt to take the private lessons together and completely split the cost. This is especially ideal for couples that wish to train together. There are never any hidden extra testing or belt advancement fees, so the quoted costs are really the true actual costs and the only additional costs are that with the Kenpo, students are required to eventually purchase a black karate gi, and with the Shootfighting sparring gear is eventually necessary.

They offer an introductory course of 4 private lessons that costs around $80 (their family rate applies here too). There is no "free" lesson, but if you are hesitant to commit to the first 4 lessons, they will let you try the first session and only have to pay at the end of the class if you liked it and wish to take the other three classes (in affect, a "complimentary" lesson) and you can observe a class if you wish, too. The introductory course is required before being allowed to join in on the regular group classes.

The studio is open weekdays from 10am until 9pm, plus on Saturdays from 9am to 3pm, so the scheduling of private lessons is pretty flexible. They will also do private lessons at other times, however they are by appointment only.

The Davis instructors are currently Mr. Hobbs, Mr. Sana and Mr. Evans. Their instructor is Mr. Yard who runs the 4 local Tracy's Karate Studios. All of the instructors have different styles of teaching. Mr. Hobbs, Mr. Sana and Mr. Evans are all available for private classes and generally all handle the Kempo group classes, while Mr. Hobbs primarily teaches the Shootfighting classes more exclusively, with the other instructors often assisting, which gives the class even more of a hands-on, personal feel.

The Davis studio relocated in July 2006 to a new location on 2nd Street (previously it was located at 1300 E. Covell Blvd Ste F in the Oak Tree Plaza). The new location in Downtown Davis featured a few extra rooms for private instruction and in general was much more spacious and central to town. At some point, the studio moved once again, and it resided at 706 5th Street Suite A, the former home of Bizarro World. In late April of 2012, the studio moved to 720 Olive Drive, Suite S.

Tracy's Karate Studios also have 4 locations locally in the Northern California area in Vacaville, Fairfield, Vallejo and nationwide.

Their national website, tracyskarate.com, is somewhat un-illuminating in terms of Davis-specific information, as it is primarily geared towards the business end of things for studio owners and instructors, but it is a bit of a trip if you're into that kind of thing.

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2007-04-02 13:36:44   Trained here on and off for numerous years with Mr. Hobbs and Mr. Bacon. Highly recommend Mr. Hobbs patient teacher with a lot of knowledge. Very friendly and his teaching approach is very hands on. Great for conditioning and self defense. —JarrettNoble

2009-03-06 13:45:41   Mr. Hobbs has been training my son since he was 7 or 8 he is 14 now. I highly recommend Tracy's karate and Mr. Hobbs. —AngelaGerould

2012-05-02 18:06:15   Walked by today and noticed the place was vacant. They must have either moved yet again or gone out business. —ScottMeehleib

They did, in fact, move yet again, this time to to 720 Olive Drive, Suite N, basically right across from Rocknasium. —NickDao