503 East St, Woodland 95776
M-F 8-5
(530) 666-5250

The Transmission Specialists have three mechanics and three bays.

Correction: This was listed as the "only transmission shop in the area", but it is not. There are other transmission shops in the area, including right here in Davis. I will try and update the Transmission section in Automobile Repair to reflect this later. In the meantime check the local yellow pages. Shop around and find the place with the best reputation and the lowest estimate. - MikeDavidson

See also: Automobile Repair.


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2006-05-17 20:45:38   I feel good going here. Bring your vehicle in for a prompt free diagnosis. They rebuilt my transmission at a low cost in only one day. They'll responsibly correct any mistakes that they make. They don't do Mercedes-Benz. —BruceHansen

2006-05-17 20:51:22   I'm not aware of one shop in Davis. —BruceHansen

2006-05-17 20:54:00   Beware of TRC in Woodland. —BruceHansen

2006-09-24 15:03:21   this not the "only transmission shop in the area" however it is the oldest transmission shop in the area —JamesFerence

2007-10-15 14:35:47   aamco transmission davis california...supports arts, music, and local charities...not bad for a local co. with close to one year in business..highly recommend..general repair —tito

2009-09-02 17:01:52   Even though you could go to Aamco in Davis, it's worth making the trip out to Woodland for this place. It's really close to the Main St. exit off 113 anyway, so its not even that far away. Free diagnosis, plus the guys were very down to Earth. Transmission was loud and not downshifting and the guys at Speedee in Davis told me they wouldnt touch it and I should just junk my car. I brought it to this place and they drove it around the block and suggest I put in some friction modifier to solve the problem. Thanks for the fake recommendation "tito", but driving a few more miles for this locally owned and operated place is waay smarter. —RossTownsend

2009-11-24 11:03:32   Excellent service; prompt and efficient. Randy helped me find a cost-effective way to deal with my transmission problem. —CathyYoung

2009-12-03 10:21:12   Do not go to Aamco. They charged $750.00 to tell me it would cost $3800.00 to fix. Randy at Transmission Specialists told me he could get a transmission from the Buick dealer guaranteed for 36 Months or 100,000 miles for $2000.00 and would charge $350.00 to install it. Aamco refused to install any other except their rebuild. When I asked them not to put the old transmission back in the car so I would not have to pay someone else to remove it again they first refused but finally after a threat they agreed but still charged me the full $750.00. Even though they did only half the work they charged me the full amount. Go see Randy. —Thomasvhs

2014-03-21 13:01:48   BEWARE - I paid almost $3K in December for a rebuilt transmission and 3 months later my car is still not fixed. POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!! —kellywade