Trevor Taylor was a member of the ASUCD Senate from 2009-2010. Trevor ran for Senate in the Winter 2009 ASUCD election with the LEAD slate.

Campus Involvement:


Candidate Statement Winter 2009

Vote Trevor #1 for ASUCD Senate! Hey UC Davis!!!

My name is Trevor Taylor and I am running for ASUCD Senate in the Winter 2009 Senate election. I am a third year Political Science and History major from San Diego. I am running for Senate to better represent the students of UC Davis in our student government. Over the past three years I have worked with students in all areas of campus life and have gained a perspective and skill-set that will allow me to initiate change on campus.

I am a proud candidate on the LEAD slate, which stands for Leadership, Empowerment, Activism, and Determination. LEAD has been an active voice for UC Davis students and has been empowering students to better campus life since 2000.

Senate Goals:

** Expand/Promote ASUCD Legal Services- Work to promote and expand the current Legal Services offered to students. Currently each student fees go to pay for a fifteen-minute consultation with a lawyer each quarter. I feel ASUCD can do better and I will work to expand services to ensure that students can receive more and better legal counseling on issues such as lease disputes, taxes, MIPs/DUIs, and other legal troubles. As well as promoting legal education and workshops for all students.

**Student Representation in Campus Expansion- Ensure the student voice is heard in all issues concerning the future of the campus. Currently the West Village Development is being planned on 220 acres of UCD grounds to expand living options for thousands of students and faculty. I want work to ensure that UCD students, student organizations, and ASUCD are actively involved in the planning of the West Village Expansion, as well as with the planned Student Resource Center.

**Increase Student Government Transparency- Increase transparency and student involvement by releasing all senate meetings as video web casts, or pod-casts. By making Senate meeting available over the internet in a down-loadable format, more students can be educated on student issue, as well as increasing openness within the proceedings of Student government.

**Update ASUCD Website- Work with Graphic designs to create a more efficient and navigable website and ensure future upkeep. Senator's voting records, attendance, authored legislation, minutes, and budgets would be easily accessible to all those interested. Online profiles for each Senator can be created with discussion sections enabling students to contact their representatives, and keep track of what they are working on, fostering more openness and involvement by UCD students.

**Ride Sharing/Roommate Board- Create a Ride Share board in the MU for students looking for rides across the state or simply carpooling to school. A ride share board would make travel more cost effective for students, and cut down on car use around Davis. A second board will act as a publicity service to all students in need of housemates or sub leasers. Postings will create an easy and effective way of finding roommates and rides in a high traffic area.


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2009-01-24 16:16:54   I know people think I hate LEAD or something but that's definitely not the case when they run candidates like Trevor Taylor. He's proposing some good ideas for the student body as well as ASUCD internal reforms that are long overdue. I'm not sure if Trevor read my rant about "ASUCD Reform" but he's definitely on the same page. His video plan is excellent, it will be positive for the budget and open government. I just hope the rest of LEAD isn't going to continue fearing the cameras.

I endorse Trevor Taylor as the best LEAD candidate in this election, just like Zwald before him he will be an excellent senator. —GregWebb

2009-01-26 19:50:56   God bless you Trevor! —resincakes