Tryte is Octavio F. Genera, Jose Antonio Cruz, Matthew Hagerty, and Mike Hagerty. They have a website, with a ton of pictures and so forth. (Someone into them should add more about them so we have more than just opinions)

CM Caskey of The California Aggie sheds some light on why some people don't like Tryte, "Is Tryte the official band of the UC Davis sorority system? Tonight they bring their shred-tastic college rock to DMS in order to please the hordes of young women with Greek letters on their sweatshirts. Those who miss the straight-up bluegrass of the Mad Cow String Band might actually confuse the CoHo for Thursday nights at the Cantina."

Opinions on Tryte

This band fucking rocks. Very clean solid sound....good soulful jams...amazing lead guitarist...passionate vocals...good grooves all around... - MikeKayton

This band may be good musicians but for the most part they suck. They can't even spell. Whatever happened to bro-music having testosterone? Anyways... besides Some Assholes, Tryte has the most honest band name in Davis. This band is the local favorite for sorority sluts to suck dick to. If you like Dave Mathews Band, but hate the blackness of it all, then you will like Tryte. - RobRoy

The best comparason i have heard to tryte is a bad combination of the goo goo dolls and santana. - AlexEley

Saw these guys at the Grad during a battle of the bands not too long ago. Worst performance I've seen in a long time, considering these guys are supposed to be the best and brightest of the Davis scene... dark days indeed. Worst ten bucks I ever spent on cover. - KenNeville

Probably one of the worst local bands I've seen/heard live in Davis. Too generic for me. Kind of like how Weezer is now. - YawenChen

If watching Octavio sob his way through a ham-fisted acoustic version of Foo Fighters - Everlong at a STEP 2001 talent show is any indication of this band, dear God save us all. Sales of nehru-collared motorcycle jackets and hair gel will skyrocket if these guys ever get popular.

I'd like to hear some samples of their music, especially this "shred-tastic" stuff quoted above. Chances are, it really isn't shred. - StephenHo

I am not a Tryte fan at all. They often seem to play before bands I DO like at G. St. pub, so I have heard them several times, and they just don't float my boat in any way, shape, or form. In any case, they're playing this coming Friday 12/16/05 at G St. at 10pm or so (before a band I do like... go figure). - AlexPomeranz

These guys played at my birthday in '03. Cool cats, great sound. My best birthday ever. - RyanKowdley