These are archived reviews of Tucos Wine Market & Cafe from 2007. For more recent comments, please visit the entry.

2007-05-29 17:24:32   I've had poor service, and waited an hour for a table that didn't materialize. I understand they are small and busy, and we had no reservation, but the least they could have said was "I won't be able to get you in without a reservation this evening." —PacoJ

2007-06-05 00:15:44   Me and my boyfriend have gone here many times and the food here is always very good. A bit pricey, but its an awesome little place tucked away in Davis —christyspencer

2007-08-03 07:38:58   One of our Davis favorites. While it can get a little harried on a weekend evening night, the food is consistently outstanding. The oysters are reliably fresh and the bison stew is fantastic, in whatever variation they're serving it. —ScottLay

2007-08-26 15:31:42   I love the chef, what a cool guy. I see him from time to time buying fresh ingredients at the Farmers Market for that night's menu. —ElisaWeller

2007-08-28 15:23:41   Does anyone know if Tuco's allows well-behaved dogs on its patio? —CovertProfessor

2007-09-07 23:07:26   Yes we do. Come on in and enjoy! —WillGaggioli

Great, we'll be coming by soon! Thanks for your reply. I really like to see businesses get involved with the wiki. —CovertProfessor

2007-09-04 09:50:13   Tucos is a local gem! Our experience there has always been exceptionally tasty and creatively prepared! We moved to Davis from San Francisco 3 years ago and find the food and service to be as satisfying as anything we experienced in SF. We especially appreciate being able to slow the pace and pair the wine so tightly to the wide variety of food options. It's a place to linger and savor. Their cheese choices are particularly exceptional. It's also great to know that they cater without the quality of food taking a dip. I've been to three events where they have provided the food and service and all have been terrific. The green cucumber and sweet corn gazpacho we just enjoyed (at a celebration at a neighborhood party last weekend) was absolutely delicious! My husband and I are supporters of Slowfood and all the elements of the Tucos menu seem to adhere to those great food values...fresh, local, organic, sustainably farmed and produced REAL food! We find Tucos to be far and away the best dining experience in Davis! —JacquelineClemens

2007-09-08 18:55:59   Tucos is great if you're looking for a nice meal, a good place to go on a date. They have great wine, food and a staff that's very knowledgeable. I've eaten here a few times and have always enjoyed everything. Highly recommended. —MissBelomy

2007-10-01 21:03:57   We had a very nice meal here, and true to their word, they were dog-friendly, which is nice to find in an upscale restaurant. :-) Since they change their menu so often, there's probably no point in commenting on specific dishes, so I'll just say that we enjoyed the mix of flavors and the creative menu that tempts you to order too much because so much looks interesting. The location next to the train can be a bit loud at times, although it bothered my partner and my dog more than it bothered me. —CovertProfessor

2007-10-13 16:10:41   When they asked if we wanted tap, bottled, or sparkling, my companion said "tap" without hesitation. He hadn't heard yet about how awful the Davis water is. I had heard, but I hadn't yet tried it. While we waited for them to bring us the tap water, I told him that it was likely to be terrible and that I was surprised that they would serve it to us. But, it was great! So, confused, I asked our server why the tap water tasted so good, and he said that it was reverse osmosis filtered. So, there you go. Feel free to order tap water.

That was a surprisingly pleasant beginning to a wonderful meal. I agree with the Covert Professor that there's not much point in commenting on specific dishes as they will change, but everything we had was very good, and I wish we could have tried more. The service was very smooth and friendly. I had the sparkling flight, which was very good, but all together too sweet for my taste. They were out of one of them and replaced it with a Prosecco, so maybe too much Prosecco in the flight for me? The sparkling Shiraz was very interesting. Later, I put the (I think?) owner/manager guy in a difficult spot by requesting that he pair a red wine with a very spicy dish, and he did a great job. Although, I should have taken his advice and had a sweet white. (He suggested the Prosecco, and I didn't have the heart to tell him that I was Prosecco-d out.) OK, I have to comment on my salad because I see it's still on the menu, bacon, brie, and poached pear. Absolutely divine, and they did not skimp on the brie or the bacon. Probably the best salad I've ever had.

We had to sit inside because the patio was full of people and their dogs ;-) so the train horn was just muted enough to lend an extra air of romance to the evening. —EvoDiva

2007-10-27 17:41:15   This place was recommended by a friend when we moved to davis 4 months ago. Any time we have guests, or just want a really good meal, we come here. Food is magnificent, wine is great, service is good. A tad expensive, but well worth it in my opinion. Try it, you won't be dissapointed! —zach.ronneberg

2007-11-14 22:53:39   Excellent service, excellent food, excellent wine. The wait-staff is incredibly attentive without being overbearing. The owner often comes by when I bring larger parties to discuss what can be changed to enhance our experience. This is absolutely the best place to eat in Davis, my only complaint is that I can't fit more of my friends and clients in their restaurant! —katherine1234

2007-11-17 18:10:57   We ate at Tucos way back when they opened. Casey was awesome. Great food and really knowledgeable. He would come out to our table and fill us in on the menu. His empanadas were the best. We used to get food from him at the farmers market as well. We have not been in since he left. I heard it went down hill. They have a new chef now that is quality?? —LouisM

2007-12-16 19:31:44   Pru and the Tucos crew catered my office party, which Kara and I hosted at our house. While I was concerned about how the great small plate food would translate to a multi-hour "grazing," Pru had it well planned out, and everything was fantastic.

Everyone had a wonderful time, and the only downside is that there is a whole new group of Tucos fans that will be competing for reservations. —ScottLay