There are no steam tunnels on campus.

Like most college campuses, UC Davis has various underground passages connecting buildings, providing utility access, and for other reasons.

(Please add any more tunnels you may know about!)

Steam Tunnels

Steam is an awesome way to keep buildings heated over a large area, requiring pipes to carry such steam. Usually, there would be tunnels to allow access to these pipes for maintaining them. However, in the case of Davis, there are small access points to the system (visible by the steam rising from them in the morning), but there are no actual tunnels. This was highly disappointing.


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2007-10-06 11:12:16   They should have built a tunnel connecting the Life Science and its Lab Building when they were remodeling. It's just bike paths and grass between them, so it isn't like heavy cars and trucks would have been a problem. What a missed opportunity! —TaniaG

2009-11-10 18:23:55   It's too bad that there aren't more tunnels connecting the building on campus. They really are an effective way to get around, especially during miserable weather days. —tedougan

2009-11-10 18:50:27   I had to work in the basement of Sproul a few times and it was creepy as hell. I attempted to venture into the hallway that lead to Olson, but the sounds of the elevator and dripping water was too much. I think I have a video somewhere. —hankim

2009-11-10 22:53:27   Link to video taken by phone of the basement of Sproul where the tunnel to Olson is located (low quality):