Turbulence was a sort of "hey, let's have non-alcoholic fun" concert thing produced by an ASUCD unit of the same name. It was oriented at attracting freshmen, similar to a high school dance. There are apparently DJs that suck, though I have never been myself. It occurred at the Rec Hall.

It was yet another ASUCD money sink, costing $1500 per year. It was suggested that it could have could made $1500 (or put on a better show) if it increased ticket prices from $2 to $3.

I've been there and it's horrible. As a freshman, I read about it in the aggie and thought it sounded cool, but went out and got drunk instead. As a sophomore, I was working for the aggie and photographed it. I may have been drunk at the time, but it seemed incredibly lame, sparsly populated with a few kids playing poker for fake money. This event was not nearly as popular as the Freshman Aggie Sprit something or other at the beginning of the year, that had a killer turnout. Does anyone know how much money ASUCD acutally spends on this? - ArlenAbraham

Turbulence was slashed from the ASUCD budget during the 2004/2005 school year, thus dissolving the unit. The program was replaced with a ASUCD Fall Kickoff Event which was a concert with a diverse musical selection put on by the ASUCD Executive Office. This event had a budget that was increased to $5000, while attendance decreased to a few hundred, compared to a few thousand that Turbulance had always managed to muster. A similarly themed venture called The Buzz was put on by the ARC around that time, but they did not contact ASUCD about cooperating with the event. ASUCD didn't contact the administration about cooperating with their event either until a day or two beforehand, and the ASUCD Entertainment Council didn't know about it until they realized $5000 had been taken from their budget.

Afterwards, Student Housing and Campus Recreation decided to do its own similar program called The Buzz.