2526 East 8th Street
(East Davis, intersection of 8th Street & Pole Line Rd.)
Office Hours
Monday - Friday 8 AM to 5 PM

Tuscany Villas Apartments is a rental housing community developed and managed by Community Housing Opportunities Corporation [CHOC] for very low, low and moderate income households. Tuscany Villas also provides a resident services program which provides residents with professional staff to assist them in enhancing the quality of life within their residential communities and achieving individual personal goals.

In March 1992 Tuscany Villas, a 30-unit multi-family site, was built across the street from Villa Calabria a 6-unit senior housing complex. Most of the complex's units are three-bedroom, followed by two-bedroom, one-bath units, and exactly two one-bedroom, one-bath units. and the site features two large courtyards and a children's tot lot. Tuscany Villas serves families at or below 50% and 60% of Yolo County's area median income.

See our Rental Housing Guide for more information on affordable housing in Davis, and our Apartments page for a thorough list of complexes within Davis.


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2008-07-03 11:12:54   This place was nice when it opened but due to poor management it just isnt the same. I live here for several years and it was nice in the begining but went down hill. The dumpsters were always overflowing and were not picked up often enough for the number of people living there. The laundry rooms were supposed to be locked and everyone had a key to get in but people lost the keys so they just broke in and the locks were not fixed. cloths would get stolen. Anything you left out would be stolen and by other tennants. There were criminals living there and a police raid on one apartment some time back. This place went from working class people trying to get ahead to scammers who knew how to work the system. The grounds were often dirty and they were always looking for some tennant to clean the place up for minimum wage. They were pooly built and had lots of electrical issues, I'm suprised the place hasnt burned down with some of the problems I experienced. Maintanence was often slow with the maintanence workers only schedualed for one day a week. Then theres the inspections. Since the places is subsidised they do annual inspections of your apartment and it has to be spotless, and if the manager is on a power trip you will have problems. There will also be investor inspection where they will tell you they "might" inspect your apartment so you could have strangers poking around in your place at any time. The managers are no help if you have any issues with nieghbors, if they are noisy its your problem. Parking is cramped and even though you have assigned spaces people park wherever they want. Cars also get broken into. They have a long list of rules you have to abide by but the managers only enforced them when they wanted to. kids were supposed to be indoors by 9:00 pm but there were kids often running around until very late at night and on one occasion I heard some kids out at 2:00 am. Rents are based on you income and you have to recertify evey year and you must disclose every asset you have or had during the last year so they are very into every aspect of your life. —SteveV

2008-07-23 20:20:43   I agree to some of what "STEVE" is saying, I moved here with the hope that I could live in a nice complex, and be comfortable and happy, unfortunately I have learned that low income means low standards, and no maintenance! I have so many issues with this place. This place looks like everything in it has been here since day one! That's not a good thing when the floors and cabinets, counter tops, and rug are barely hanging in! Now these apartments have a new manager on a POWER TRIP! If you disagree in anyway with her she throws smirks and whispers under her breath to her mother or daughter who she totes around with her to work. Its scary to think that you have to live in fear of saying the wrong things, or you will get the boot! I feel sorry for anybody who has little ones, I have seen her in action, she bolts at the children with a crazed look and follows them home all the while scolding them! Beware of this woman she is quit frightening, what type of world do we live in? We are suppose to be equals, but it doesn't feel this way to me living here, I want to leave but truthfully I cant afford anything else so I feel stuck, but I'm working on it. As for change they want change well start from within, I mean within these apartments! Start replacing and repairing, and then people who live here will take more pride in this place! All this being said this new manager is not fit to be a manager for these or any other apartment complex! —Eryka

2010-11-04 13:59:28   A tree branch fell on my vehicle recently and damaged it badly, and the property refused to pay out...we're trying to negotiate. Other than that bad note and some maintenance issues I am very happy with the place. This is, in my opinion, the most beautiful of the, affordable housing properties in Davis. They have 3bd 2 bath townhouses that are 3 stories! The neighbors are really nice too. i like it here. We also have a new manager...Andrea and she's really great. So far there aren't any issues with crime. Most of the neighbors know eachother, and we are vigilant. I have and still would reccommend this place to friends. —rubygolddavis

2011-01-19 12:29:00   I would like to recant my story. When I first applied, they promised me a unit that was about $700 or so a month, only to later (after I put in a move out notice at my older place and once I had already paid them the security deposit and whatnot) tell me that they made a mistake and gave the unit to someone else. In turn they offered me a similar unit at a higher price range ($1013 a month). At that point I was virtually homeless so I had no choice but to take it. Note, for the number of people in my home and for my income I DID NOT even qualify because I made too little money...they pulled all kinds of tricks to make my income match their minimum. While the unit is nice, the design is not energy efficient and the pge bills average $120 a month during the winter and more over the summer. The parking is a disaster, and you can't even talk to the manager without her getting an attitude and claiming to be "tired". I would not move in here. And as soon as my lease is up, I am out. Because in this economy you can rent a better place for $1000 plus utilities. Afforable housing my *** —mangosalsa

2011-01-20 14:03:55   I’ve already reviewed (rubygolddavis) and on google, but I want to give an update as I’ve been here longer. The apartment itself and the property are REALLY NICE. I remember when I first saw it driving by a few years ago I thought “Oh wow those must be pricey” that was before I knew they were affordable. This is in my opinion, the “prettiest” affordable property in the city. The only downsides are: limited parking, no washer/dryer hookups in unit, and no community room. The inspections do suck, but I wouldn’t say they are constant it just comes with affordable housing. I also like that its mixed income, which allows working class, middle class, and single-parent homes to get ahead. I think daviswiki draws a lot of people to complain and not enough to leave positive comments. I think the current management and maintenance are very nice, and everybody gets “tired” at work when you have to watch over 3 or 4 other properties (and they do.) Also, the screening process (like any government sponsored property) is insane, but that’s a good thing because you don’t want to live near criminals. I have heard a few complaints from people who have been kicked out/denied/charged a different rate, but then again prices are based on how much you make and how many people live with you, and those decisions are made by higher management not just the manager onsite. The pge bill is also relative to the size of your unit and how much you use your heater/ac . ..I average $90 on high months, but then again my neighbor averages $160. I advise prospective shoppers to look around for themselves and ask current residents for their opinion (that’s what I did!) and remember that most people do leave BAD reviews so don’t let that influence you. Just look at the reviews for J Street Apartments, which after living there for 2 years, I can say are completely unfair. I also think people should be cautious when specifically calling out people in a negative way (people do have feelings). —ucdsunshine

2011-03-28 13:40:30   My friend lives here in a 3 story, 3 bedroom townhouse. It is really pretty. Lucky! she is close to the new grocery outlet/dollar tree too. My friend seems to like her neighbors and everytime i'm over, the place seems very peaceful and safe overall. I tried to live here myself a couple of years ago, but the manager at the time was confused and not very helpful. I filled out the same info several times, I was promised an apartment at a certain price $700, just to find it had already been leased, so I was then offered the same size unit at a higher price ($900 i think) for a two bedroom. Is said no. The apartments are REALLY cute but the 60% rate is actually almost market rate in Davis ($900 for a 2 bedroom) and market rate is even cheaper in Woodland. I now live in a mixed income property in Woodland and I pay $590 for a two-bedroom.

Oh yes, and all the "ghetto" comments are no longer true (if they ever were). Its near a barn and an senior living community, as well as a hop from the police department. Can't get more ghetto than that! —cora

2011-04-13 11:49:12   I applied to live here about two years ago. We were approved, then the manager left, and the new manager gave our unit to someone else so all they offered us was a similar unit that was $150 more a month. Luckily, our landlord allowed us to stay where we were in Woodland. I've heard very bad things about management turnover. —Timmyboy

2011-05-13 09:25:43   I just saw this place and I'm jealous. How can a place this luxuriou$ be affordable housing! I guess that's Davis for you... —Jerahmaya