In a city whose focus seems to revolve around university life and for whose children college attendance is an expectation, academic achievement is a big deal. To keep up with the Joneses in this town, you'd better be pretty darn smart to begin with or learn to avail yourself of the many tutoring and test prep services out there. In a place full of international students and PhDs, there's *got* to be somebody who can help you master those math proofs! And if you just don't have the bucks to pay for a tutor, consider asking a friend to help school you.

College & Graduate Level

Rogue tutors often flyer campus when they're in need of new clients... don't neglect this valuable source! Also, individual departments often have lists of exceptional undergrads and grad students who are willing to tutor — ask a department representative with a title similar to Undergraduate Advisor or Student Services Coordinator.

High School & Elementary School Level

Departed Tutors

*Aggie Tutors— Student owned and operated; offered in-home, group, and library tutoring K-12 and College