825 Russell Boulevard #34
Behind the bar at The Graduate
Inside University Mall
Open 7 days a week
Mon-Sat: 10:00am - 7:30pm
Sun: 10:00am - 5:00pm
Phone Number
(530) 757-2968 Business
(530 400-9320 Cell
Payment Method(s)
Cash and Credit Card
Gift certificates are available

U-Mall Hair & Nails is located inside the University Mall, near the Davis Graduate. They provide haircuts, manicures, pedicures, eyebrow wax, color highlights, perms, Japanese straight perms, and ear piercings.

They are very experienced with "Asian" haircuts. Haircuts range from $15 for men and $25 for women Color :$50 up High Light: $50 up Perm:$50 up Straight Perm:$200 up Ear Piercing: $20 up Eye Brow Wax: $7 Underarms: $20 Manicure: $12 Pedicure: $25 Full Set( Acrylic or Fiberglass): $27 Gel Polish $27 +French add $8


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2010-05-24 19:03:03   Got a haircut and pedicure here. Very pleased with the attention they provided and great price. Would come back! —JessicaN

2010-05-25 01:10:09   Love my hair now!!! I had a lot of hair and she just layered it just as I wanted! It's located behind the Grad so it's not too far from the dorms. —TeeeMitchellz

2010-07-18 16:24:59   This page is of interest for me, since it's very close to my habitat and I'm in need of a cut. Has anyone actually been here? There's next to no information on this page. —KBathory

2010-10-09 00:23:34   Not recommended. Avoid if you're out to get a haircut that requires time and attention. She totally rushed through my cut when it appeared that a line was forming. The guy who used to cut hair here was good, but sadly he's gone and it's now just the lady. Anyways, I've had my hair cut twice by the same lady in futile hope that she would succeed. Twice disappointed, twice money wasted. Look elsewhere even if it'd cost you more or take you a little extra time. —blastoff

2010-10-22 06:10:19   well actually everyone has their own perspective, i think the service is really good, n the women is nice. she got what i expect, i didn't agree with moeny wasted, cause they did what i want. —beewong

2010-11-20 11:31:16   NEVER, EVER, EVER come her to get your nails done. EVER! I went yesterday to take advantage of the low $27 price for an acrylic full set... and honestly I wish I had never gone. First off, all of the supplies were old and hadn't been refilled in awhile; the brush was so hard and inflexible that she had to soak it thoroughly before using it. Also, she never used any sort of equipment prior to applying the tips. She pushed my cuticles back USING HER FINGERNAILS. It was an extremely painful and unsanitary experience. The only tools that she DID use, she retrieved from a box labeled "soiled". Disgusting, right? I wish the catastrophe ended there. She obviously had NO idea what she was doing. All of the nails were different lengths and barely fit on my fingertips. Then, about twenty minutes into the manicure, she abandoned me to tend to her other customers... THREE CUSTOMERS. That's right, while I sat there in my chair for about a half hour, she performed three haircuts. Then she returned as if nothing had happened. I wish I could have left at that point, but the tips were already glued to my nails. THEN, she began "applying" the top layer of acrylic, but it was so apparent that she had no idea what she was doing. It was sloppy (there was residue ALL over my fingers), uneven, blotchy, filled with bubbles, and the exact opposite of how false nails are supposed to look. At the very end, AFTER TWO HOURS, I looked at the finished product with such disgust and dismay. They are terrible, filled with bumps and ridges, and they're already yellow when it hasn't even been 24 hours since their application. AND, to top it all off, she charged me $30 rather than the $27 she had promised on the phone before I arrived. SO RIDICULOUS! I cannot even begin to express my disappointment. Later this week I will definitely be going to a more reputable and sanitary nail salon in Davis to get these removed. All in all, NEVER come here to get your nails done. And honestly, based on the customer service that I received, I wouldn't recommend coming here AT ALL. Such a disappointment and a complete waste of $30. —UnsatisfiedCustomer

2010-11-23 15:15:54   Haircuts are okay here, sometimes it doesn't turn out exactly the way I want. Kinda overpriced, but it beats going back to theCity for a haircut (gas $) occasionally. Tip: Be really specific on what kind of haircut you want and consistently give feedback on what they are doing. —ClarenceL

2010-11-27 14:10:28   Talk about diasppointing! After getting a hack job from a nameless salon on 5th St, I decided to make another mistake by giving this place a chance. The lady first sits me down an sprays my hair and face with water. I specifically tell her that I am there to get a trim. A 1 inch trim!! Instead she proceeds to thin my hair out...not a trim!!! She took way too much hair off, maybe two inches. And she justifies it by telling me that it will be easier to brush my hair. I don't care about that because all I wanted was 1 inch off! If you want a stylist who can't follow the directions from their customers then this is your place. It may have been cheap, but I will never ever come here again. What a waste of money. —bichonblitz

2011-01-17 14:53:56   I had two haircuts with the lady who owns the place now. Both of them were terrible experiences - the end result was bad to the point where I looked worse after the haircut than before. I could also see how the other clients were treated. She worked on several people at the sme time and just did unprofessional, rushed work. I only gave her a second chance because the guy who used to work there - I believe his name was John - did a wonderful job. Unfortunately he left. —JaneMaryl

2011-02-26 17:33:58   I used to get great haircuts from the barber on campus, always what I asked for but sadly he retired. I've since gone to the closest place to me, U-Mall Hair & Nails, getting progressively worse haircuts, always shorter than I asked for, even when I reduce the amount I ask for off. If I say 2.5 inches it's 3, if I say 2 inches it's 3.5 off. At first this was acceptable, not a great haircut, but inexpensive, fast, and mediocre.

Today though I had the worst haircut of my life at this place. Some people may say that when they have a pretty bad haircut but this has to have been the worst by quite a bit. I asked for an inch and a half off, layered, since I don't like to look like a bowl when I'm done, she takes off 4-5 inches, leaving me with hair that is less than an inch long in the back and sides and totally uniform, I mean how can it not be at less than an inch long. A bad haircut can be fixed, taking off over twice as much as what was asked for can't.

I've always dealt with bad haircuts, but today was unacceptable and if you like you hair to be more than millimeters in length look elsewhere since you never know what you are going to get here. —rormsby

2011-03-13 11:32:44   I've had my hair cut here since late 2009, and I've yet to receive a bad haircut. She provides entertaining conversation, listens and follows any requests, and gives good advice. She's also been willing to stay late just to finish my haircut. Overall, I couldn't ask for a better place. —WillStone

2011-04-12 01:25:32   My step-sister just had her nails done here last week and it was literally the worst job I have ever seen. She wanted fan tip nails - but didn't know the name. She explained to the woman that they go out at the tips, and the woman ended up filing them so that the tip was inverted. It went in instead of outward like a normal nail should. The paint job was horrendous. It was bubbly and she got paint all over her fingers. =\ While doing her nails, the woman got up multiple times to perform haircuts as well.

We called her later that day and explained that she just wanted a refund. Upon returning the next day, the woman was sitting right outside her shop and goes, "You're the one who wanted a refund?" My step-sis said yes, and the woman offered to fix it. We told her no, we'd just like a refund, and she then said that in order to issue a refund, she would have to remove the nails.

She ended up clipping the tips off [this was a full acrylic set], all the while complaining the entire time about how my sister was "too impatient...you have to wait two weeks. I told you two weeks!" and continued to berate her. She even told my sis that her fingers were "difficult to work with anyway," as if trying to excuse the terrible job. She also mentioned that she "had never done this type of nail before," among many other things. There was never a moment of silence. It was extremely uncomfortable for me, my sister, and my mother.

The woman didn't bother to remove the rest of the nails other than the tips, and left an INCREDIBLY botched job for my sis to deal with. We promptly went to Y2K Nails, where she was treated with much, much better customer service. When she explained the procedure that was done at U-Mall, they were surprised. They fixed her nails and they look absolutely gorgeous! —HannahFolkes

2011-04-12 07:27:26   The last comment reminded me of one I was meaning to make but forgot until now...I went there a few weeks ago to get a manicure. The shop was dark, no lights on, no customers. The husband and wife who own the shop were there- husband reading a paper and the wife sleeping (?) in the back. When I asked for manicure the husband shouted in the back, the wife mumbled something and the husband said come back tomorrow. I said no thanks and left. I don't know, maybe the wife was sick or something, but all around it wasn't good for business...In reply to Hannah's comment: I had something like this happen a while ago at another nail place in town. Businesses like this are required by law to issue you a complete refund for service rendered unless they have a policy to state otherwise in plain view. I had to go as far as notifying the BBB and was immediately contacted by the owners after they got a notice from the BBB. —jsbmeb

2012-03-02 16:09:44   This place is horrible! The lady here charges way too much for a hair cut. Back at the bay area, its 15 dollars for a hair cut, but its 25 dollars here! I thought id give it a try since i really needed a hair cut. I go in and tell the lady i wanted layers and PLEASE PLEASE dont cut my hair too short. She said ok, my hair will still be long. She starts cutting my hair and takes a good 2 inches out of my hair! Next she starts cutting my bangs... She thinned it out sooooo much! And theres even a clump of my hair thats so short its like baby hair now. Not only that, but when she cut my bangs, she took a huge part of my back hair and back it so short i look like a coconut now. In thr end, i didnt rven get lauers, just a horrible hair cut. My hair is short to my shoulders now and im so unhappy. I rven have to clip my bangs up because its so ugly. The lady was even rude to me and charge 69 cents for using a creedit card.. Even thought it was over 20 dollars.. DO NOT GO HERE EVER!! Youll regret for months to come :( —ChristinaSaechao