UCD Bathrooms are important to talk about because cleanliness is next to Godliness and you want to crap in a Holy place, don't you?

Please visit our Bathrooms as well for more general (town-wide) bathroom fun.

The campus has made progress in installing restrooms that can be considered safe for non-binary folk. A map of inclusive bathrooms can be found on the here on the UC Davis website. 


View from a 6th-floor Kerr Hall urinal






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  • Earth and Physical Sciences building - Brand new building, awesome Eco friendly bathrooms (i.e., and TMI: flushless urinals), super clean!
  • Giedt Hall - Brand spanking new bathrooms.
  • ARC - Go there while they are still new. One of the few bathrooms on campus that have quilted toilet paper. Sometimes there's music in the bathrooms but always naked people. Also, the smell is usually far from pleasant due to a mixture of body odor and that other type of "smell." None the less, they are clean... The ones by the Ballroom on the north end are the best ones, minus the nakedness.
    • The north end has an ant problem
  • Academic Surge - Nice clean low traffic bathrooms.
  • Bainer Hall - Nice and clean in an engineering building of course...
    • Always at least a few degrees warmer than the rest of the building, for some reason.
  • Meyer Hall - I worked here for nine months and was consistently impressed with the bathrooms' cleanliness.
  • Dutton Hall - I ate lunch off one of these toilets.
    • The best bathrooms I've ever used on campus. clean, spacious, well-lit, and most importantly, empty
  • Kemper Hall - Leave it to engineers to leave things feeling sterile... I wish this were the case. I have it from friends that the women's restrooms are indeed clean, but the men's? There's a permanent scum layer an inch thick covering the entirety of the 2nd floor men's room by the vending machines. I think it's congealed pee vapor.
  • Kerr Hall - This is really the place to go if you're in Wellman and you need to use the bathroom. All the floors have excellent bathrooms because the building is filled with nuts. Also, the bathrooms on the highest floors have great views, if you don't mind the feeling that you're being watched by hundreds of people. But unless you're both male and female, you might have to go up or down a floor to use a Kerr bathroom.
    • If you're planning a visit to this bathroom, be aware that you may receive funny looks while wandering around
    • Also, they do not allow more than a single person in the bathroom at a time since it has become unisex, though they never seemed to have thought of installing a lock. Instead, there is an occupied/unoccupied sign you have to flip when you go in an out (Not all bathrooms in this hall are unisex however)
    • Sadly on the top floor, they put frosting on the glass in the mens restroom to block the view from the urinal, however vigilante students have taken it upon themselves to try to peel back their view from the powers that be.
  • Lower Freeborn Hall - This is the basement of Freeborn, and there is a new bathroom near KDVS and The California Aggie. It's worth the walk down from the MU. Also, if you are making a trip in the middle of the night, the lights in this bathroom have a motion sensor installed and will turn on automatically when you open the door, very nifty.
  • MU - second floor and up. Might have something to do with the offices of some people with power up there...
  • Physical Sciences Library - More sterile engineers...
  • Plant and Environmental Sciences Building - main bathrooms are nice, watch out for the unisex ones though.
  • Robert Mondavi Institute - has new, "greener" toilet levers; up for #1, down for #2. Gotta love doin' your business, AND saving the environment at the same time!
  • Sproul Hall Men's restrooms on odd-numbered floors, Women's on the evens. Because there are few undergraduate classes held here, most restrooms receive little traffic and are used mostly by graduate students, professors, and staff, who have been scientifically proven to flush more than undergraduates. As a result the restrooms are generally much better kept than in Olson.
  • EU III - and yet again the engineers keep it clean. the whole damn building is just clean. might as well eat off the floors in there.
  • Veihmeyer Hall - nice big old fashioned bathrooms.
    • There's also the odd little one underneath the eastern staircase.
  • Mathematical Sciences Building - brand new building with clean and shiny bathrooms.
  • Genome and Biomedical Sciences Facility - Very fresh and clean, complete with decorations and air fresheners on the second floor. Like a home away from home.
  • Chemistry Annex - 5th floor. delicious solitude. be aware that the motion activated lights may suddenly turn off during longer *ahem* visits.


  • Chemistry - I don't really trust anything on the first floor...
  • Experimental College
  • King Hall - Old and slightly dingy, but generally quite clean. Usually not too much smell. Sadly, at least in the men's rooms, you have to use hand-crank paper towel dispensers. Kalen Gallagher ran for LSA President on a platform that included replacing the terrible paper towel dispensers.
  • Physics and Geology
  • Roessler Hall
    • they are generally filthy these days because it's the most common lecture hall that freshmen use
  • Shields Library - not a terribly bad place to use the bathroom. However, at night using the upstairs bathrooms can be kind of spooky since its so quiet and no one is around.
  • Storer Hall - the higher story bathrooms are full of sunshine! The sinks are a little old and drippy, though.
  • Wellman Hall - has plastic garbage bags over some toilets that, chances are, will never be fixed. Comes with an eerie feeling at night. Most disgusting women's bathrooms. Another strange thing about the men's restrooms in Wellman is that the urinals are a strange cross between a urinal and a toilet—photo anyone?
  • Women's Center
  • Young Hall - Although not spectacularly clean, the women's bathroom is worth a visit for the little art gallery alone.
    • the men's bathroom is also worth a visit if you like to browse gay forums

Tourist-Trodden and SCARY

Typical Men's restroom

  • MU first floor (both east and west)
    • The Coffee House has pretty bad bathrooms, but EXCELLENT vandalism in the men's bathrooms. Sometimes entire conversations are carried out on the walls of the stalls.
  • MUGA - Horrible. Absolutely horrible, and quite possibly the worst on campus. But if you are in the middle of bowling or playing billiards, I guess you have no choice but to use them. StevenDaubert Disputes this as of late 2006. They have been remodeled, more than once, and the employees are tasked to keep them clean, they are vastly improved from the old picture set. Last time I was in them they were spotless and automated with flushing, soap dispensing, etc. There also was a sign stating you if you had issue with them you could tell an employee and they would bring it up to spec.
  • EVIL HAUNTED SOUTH SILO BATHROOM beside the Craft Center There are holes in the walls of the men's room stalls so you can look into them! - TheRadish
  • 123 Sciences Lecture Hall - Maybe New, but has a terrible odor coming from I believe the drains that never cease. I once believed it was a person causing it, but after multiple uses, just walking in gives this pungent smell that makes me want to puke every time! (moved to disgusting section) -mperkel
  • The Silo - The men's bathroom on the first floor is pretty rank. The urinals smell like rancid piss and splash urine back at you. Don't go in with only shorts and sandals on. This bathroom gets a ton of use. However, the women's room on the first floor isn't bad at all. It is at about the same level as the women's on the top story.
  • Olson Hall - Seems to have standing water on the floors at least 3 out of 5 days during the academic week. You may find a personal flotation device prudent at times.
  • Someone was violently murdered in an on-campus men's room in January 1985. Current pool is at $6 for anyone who can discover which one (perhaps evil haunted restroom referenced above?)

all gender restrooms*

*experiences of safety for nonbinary folks varies even among "gender neutral" or all gender restrooms*

  • womens resource center
  • fourth floor shields library
  • student community center (first and second floor)




MU Bathroom - east end MU Bathroom - stall wall MUGA South Silo Bathroom

More Information

Gender neutral bathroom campaign by the LGBTRC.


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2005-02-08 23:13:18   I got the chance to go into the mens bathroom in the basement of Storer and it was really cool! —RohiniJasavala

2005-02-10 21:28:03   dude nothing beats the bathrooms in Olson......yummmy —LauraPeguero

2005-03-07 10:33:26   The violent murder was in the Physics-Geology Bldg on 2nd floor men's bathroom. Reference from Tragic eventsBradCuppy

I think the school needs to get rid of the current urinals and should instead use flush-less urinals. That will save us tons of water, not to mention money as well. Althought, I wouldn't be against the campus installing a bunch of fake trees with signs on them that say co-ed outdoor restroom facilities. Either way I'm pissed off. — RobertBaron

2005-04-13 16:06:02   Please report Jock Artist activity here when you see it! —RickEle

2005-08-21 18:58:26   I used the men's room somewhere in the Death Star. —MichelleAccurso

2005-08-22 23:06:20   My most dreaded bathroom stall on campus is in the basement of Olson...in the girls bathroom there is a stall that is HALF the size of the rest. It's the third one down, right next to the handicapped stall. The walls of the stall are almost touching the toilet itself. You could easily injure yourself somehow in there! —KarlaFung

2005-10-20 01:05:50   I remember quite clearly my freshman year that there existed one of the greatest bathroom wall stories I have ever read. It was in the bathrooms in the eastern part of the Arboretum. On the far stall in the men's bathroom existed a sex story about this guy and his girlfriend, with excruciating detail he explained his sexual exploits. But it gets better. See this guy apparently graduated 1981 or something and he had it signed. The best part though, he made an addendum to the story 10 years later with his now wife who had a decade earlier been his girlfriend. I wish I could show more evidence of this, for one funny event and two a time chronicling thing. But alas the university must have gone into that bathroom and had that place "updated", I returned my sophomore with much dismay, since that story should have gone down in the history books. —MikeMele

  • 2006-09-21 I was in that same bathroom (on Wyatt Deck) yesterday and I must say it was the foulest smelling bathroom I have been in in a long time —CaseyBarc

2006-05-12 10:28:59   The new Sciences Lab building sucks for taking a dump. The toilets are so high that my feet dangle! That hasnt happened since I was 4. I think they try to keep them smelling nice since the SLB is what they use to impress everyone from outside campus. Also, the 2nd floor MU bathroom gets a lot of dumping action and smells accordingly (for the Men's room anyway). I suggest going 3rd floor or higher =) —DavidBatten

2006-07-27 12:11:45   I always liked MUGA, because unless there's a kid's birthday party, they're empty and clean... —MeganCurtis

2006-08-11 23:12:37   Kerr Hall has been my favorite for years, literally. —CameronMenezes

2006-08-24 00:39:53   I suggest that "tourist trodden" and "scary" be separated. There are plenty of scary bathrooms on campus — ever been in the men's room in the basement of Storer Hall? I can tell you that the men's room in the Campus Data Center is pretty scary too, and neither one of those are tourist trodden. —ChrisLambertus

2006-09-18 15:41:01   The new "automatic" paper towel dispensers that are being installed around campus suck. You usually have to touch the sensor to get it to dispense. That defeats the whole purpose, which I assume is reducing the spread of germs not saving paper. —CharlesMcLaughlin

2008-07-17 00:38:15   I've always had a soft spot in my heart for the basement bathroom at the PSE library. You can tell it's a bit aged, but it has aged quite gracefully—like a fine wine...if wine were a bathroom. —SteveKent

2009-02-19 23:05:11   The women's restroom over at Hart Hall is pretty nasty (although the graffiti on the stall wall is pretty interesting). —strawberry

2009-03-17 01:19:19   ARC Ballroom bathrooms are the best, no question. It's where the employees go. —sososharp

2009-10-06 11:46:56   The women's bathroom on the first floor of Haring (over by 1204) is creepy and disgusting... there's usually only one light on, making it feel like a bad horror movie, and there's a bed behind the sinks... any explanation? —acparsons

2010-11-20 19:11:59   The phys/geo murder was detailed in an email to physics department faculty and staff, probably in 2008, but I don't have a copy of the email/emails any longer. Perhaps another physics grad? —allwheat

2014-03-07 21:38:51   There's a bathroom with urinals that look kind of like this. can't remember where it is. Anyone have any idea? ucdstud

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