The university has commencement (graduation) ceremonies twice a year. Once in June after spring quarter and once in December after fall quarter. The commencement ceremonies are split up into multiple separate events for different colleges and even majors.

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How to Graduate

After a student has filed for graduation, they may choose to participate in the commencement ceremony, for which they have to register also.


Students are mailed guest tickets in mid-May. The actual number received depends on the college and how many people are graduating. If available, extra ticket(s) can obtained with more details in the letter sent home to students. Only guests need tickets, graduates do not need a ticket to get in.

Historically, the College of Letters and Science Spring Commencement has given five to six guest tickets per student, whereas the College of Ag gives closer to ten tickets.

Although university policy forbids selling tickets, giving them away is fine, so if you have extras, or need more, head over to ticket swap and help someone out!

Doing it in style

While some people show up in jeans and sneakers, they realize that they're a little under-dressed. Old sneakers stand out when you're walking across the stage so they should be avoided if you care about things like that. A decent percentage of people decorate their hats. This is totally allowable because you get to keep it after you graduate. People do everything from their name in glitter to lights, toy Unitrans Buses and cows. Whether you choose to decorate your hat or wear a colorful flower lei, the idea is that you'll stand out so that your family in the stands can more easily see you.

General Commencement Information

Nearly all of the information that you need to know is covered in the Commencement Handbook.

The large commencement ceremonies take place indoors at The Pavilion at ARC. Parking can be found in the lots around the event center for $6 or for free if you park further away.

Past Commencements

Fall 2005

The Fall 2005 Letters and Science Commencement ceremony was held at 2pm on Sunday, December 18th. It was a very rainy day and The Pavilion was at nearly full capacity. The student speaker was Sapana Shende. Little of interest occurred. The only notable thing was the graduate who took a face plant on stage but he probably did it on purpose.