This is a page for swapping tickets for the UCD Commencement ceremonies. If you have tickets to offer, or need tickets, this is the place for you. Please don't forget to list which commencement, including time, you have/need tickets for. According to university regulations, you may not sell or buy tickets, or trade them for anything of monetary value, so let's try to keep it friendly.

June 2015 Ceremonies/Tickets Wanted: entries go below.

You may add your swap as a comment, but it would be even better if you hit the edit button at the top of the page and add it in yourself! Good luck!  PS: the code <hr /> adds the nice tidy grey dividing line when you are editing within "Source".

2015-6-12 Need 1 ticket to the L&S Graduation on June 13th at 2pm. would be super appreciative and Im sure we could figure out something. Please help! thanks! email  -Connor text (805)535-5952

2015-6-11 Need 1 ticket to L&S graduation on June 13th at 9 AM. Grandpa just died and trying to get a ticket for grandma to cheer her up.

2015-6-10 - Need one ticket for June 13th L&S 9 am commencement. Please email me ticket at  or call 707-758-8460. James - Thanks!

2015-6-9 If anyone has any extra tickets for the June 12th 9am commencement please email me so we can figure something out! 

2015-6-6 Hi, I'm looking for 1 ticket to the June 12 9 am College ofBioSci ceremony. My email is Much appreciated!!!!

2015-6-05 One or two tickets for the June 13 L&S 2PM ceremony would be amazing! Please email me at if you have any. Thanks in advance!

2015-6-02 I need one ticket for June 13 7PM ceremony. I can send you self stamped envelope. (858) 774-7790

2015-5-29 Hi! I am in desperate need for 1-2 more tickets to the June 13th 9 am L&S ceremony..please! I have a large family who would all like to attend. My email is Thank you in advance!

2015-5-26 Looking for 2 tickets for June 14 9am College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences ceremony. Contact me at Thanks!

2015-5-25 Looking for 1-2 tickets for my kids for June 14 9am College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences ceremony. Contact

2015-5-24 Looking for 2-4 tickets for June 12 3pm College of Engineering ceremony. Contact

2015-5-23 Looking for 2 tickets for June 12 College of Engineering 2pm. Please contact

2015-05-21 Looking for 4 tickets to the June 13 L&S commencement at 7pm. Please contact me at

2015-05-19 Looking for two tickets for L&S commencement at 7 PM. Text me at 559-232-2222 will take any amount you have extra. Thank you. 

2015-05-19 Looking for 3 tickets for the L&S commencement at 2 PM.  Text me at 707-328-8944

2015-05-18 Looking for 2 tickets for June commencement at 7pm for Letters and Sciences. Shoot me a call or text 858-822-8648

2015-05-18 Looking for up to 3 tickets (will take any amount) for the 2pm College of Ag Ceremony on June 14th. Text me at 949-257-5143 and we can work something out!! Please!

2015-05-18  Hi everyone! I am hoping that someone who has an extra CBS ceremony ticket on June 12th at 9AM would be able to provide one - I would be very grateful for your help! You can find me at or call/text at 415-366-6322. Thank you so much for considering- this one ticket would mean a lot to me. 

2015-05-14  Hello! I am looking for extra tickets for ceremony for Letters and Science on June 13th at 7pm. I am an international student and my family is coming from out of country to attend my graduation, but I don't have enough tickets. I would really appreciate any help. Please contact me either at or at 408-223-5666. Thank you very much!

2015-05-05 Hi everyone, if someone has extra letters and science ceremony tickets for June 13 at 7PM, please get in touch with me! I need as many as possible so please call me at 925-918-0156. I really really needs these so don't hesitate to hit me up!

2015-05-01 Hello fellow grads!!! I am looking for 6 extra tickets for the College of Agriculture ceremony on Sunday, June 14th at 9am. Shoot me an email if you have an extra! Thanks!

2015-04-30 Looking for 1 or 2 (preferably 2) tickets for the 2 PM L&S Commencement on June 13th. It would be a big help! Thanks! Email me at:

2015-04-22 Looking for tickets for 9 AM L&S Commencement on June 13th please! ; Thank you!

2015-04-19  I need 3 tickets to Letters & Sciences ceremony at 9AM, June 13th. Email me at

2015-03-27  Need 2 tickets for College of Ag. Pavilion on 06-14-15 at 2pm. 916-261-4211 Thanks!


2015-02-20 21:40:42   Hi everybody:) Congratulations to all graduates! If anyone can spare 3 commencement tickets for the 9am L&S commencement please contact me at 808-649-0323 or email me at —slhagg

Hello! I am looking for two tickets (but even one would help!) to the College of Biological Sciences commencement on June 12 at 9:00 AM. Please contact me at or text me at 6612044204 -- Thanks and congratulations on graduating!  :)

Hi all I'm looking for 3 tickets to the June commencement at 7pm for L & S. Please contact me at

Hello! Im looking for just ONE ticket for L&S graduation on June 13. At 7PM My email is

Hi. This has been a last minute call so I'm looking for just ONE ticket for L&S commencement at 9 pm 6/13. Please contact me