Summer 2010: The Equestrian Center is in the process of downsizing its lesson program because of budget cuts. A few horses will be kept for the team, and for use in occasional walk/trot lessons. Information about which horses are being kept, or where horses have been adopted to may not be 100% accurate.

The Equestrian Center has a number of lesson horses with different abilities and temperaments. Please feel free to add descriptions and update the horse list if you know/remember these UCD Equestrian Center horses.

Current Horses

Alene- Alene Gray Arabian mare from UNR; can be a little flighty.
Belle- Chestnut paint mare; trained for western but can jump; all around superstar lesson horse. Foaled 1999, 14.3hh.
Buckles- Chestnut quarter horse mare from UNR; trained western, can be a bit lazy and stubborn.
Clover- Little bay Welsh mare; favorite with the kids! Clover is super cute.
CR- Appaloosa gelding, lazy and slow, used in lower-level lessons. Foaled 1990, 15.2hh. Registered as CR Golden Aire.
Daly- Daly Chestnut Arabian mare, foaled 1986, 15hh. Registered as Daly Pride.
Duke- Chestnut mustang gelding; solid and dependable. Duke is somewhat famous for being willing to eat just about anything that fits in his mouth. Foaled 1998, just after his mother was rounded up in the Black Butte Mountains in Montana (suprise!). Registered as Black Mountains Duke.
Kruz- Light bay gelding with a parrot mouth; jumps 2'6, can get a little forward but a favorite of the upper-level lessons. Paint/Percheron, foaled 1997.
Lexie- Lexie Chestnut UNR mare; improving to become a good jumping and BE4 horse. Tends to jump BIG.
Miss- Liver chestnut UNR mare; dependable.
Pallos- Pallos Older gray Arabian gelding, very obedient and good in lower level lessons, grumpy on the ground. Foaled 1986, 14.2hh.
Rose- Chestnut mare; used to do intermediate eventing; talented but needs experienced riders; teams only.
Ziggy- Bay gelding, Percheron x Thoroughbred cross. Very spooky, but always tries hard. Ziggy's feet have been described as "miniature dinner plates." Foaled around 2000, about 15.2hh.

Former Horses

Baja- Gray Arabian mare. Adopted to Project R.I.D.E. in Elk Grove.
Birdie- Bay mare. Adopted, was at the 2009 Spring Show.
Callie- Older bay Welsh(?) mare. Former showjumper. Returned to owner because of soundness issues.
Cataluna- Black warmblood mare, very tall.
Chief- Chestnut Appaloosa gelding. Passed away in 2006.
Clouseau- Gray Arabian gelding, notorious grouch. Clou once spent Picnic Day with a "please don't pet me, I am a grumpy old man" sign. :)
Corky- Morgan gelding; can be stubborn. Foaled 1992(?), about 15hh. Adopted to Giant Steps Therapeutic Riding in Petaluma in Summer 2010.
Dandy- Chestnut QH/Arabian gelding.
Darren- Liver chestnut gelding; used for upper levels. Adopted to Giant Steps during Summer 2010, along with Corky.
Denicia- Bay Arabian mare.
Grant- Bay Dutch Warmblood gelding, 17.2hh. Returned to owner in Summer 2010, then adopted to a dressage trainer.
Gunner- Very tall bay gelding. Adopted by the same owner as Birdie.
JP- Dark bay Hanoverian gelding; 17 hh, very lazy former hunter; adopted because of neurological issues.
Luke- Chestnut gelding; can be unpredictable.
McNugget- Buckskin Appendix QH gelding, foaled 1972. Registered as Stepper's Quick Sand. Former eventer. Mischievous personality, spent all of his 37 years collecting pranks to play on people. McNugget retired in 2007 to become the center's unofficial mascot. Passed away in 2009, at age 37, after many years at the center.
Misty- Palomino mare.
Morgan- Palomino Morgan gelding, foaled 1984(?). Adopted in 2006.
Norm-Norm Chestnut QH gelding, 15.2hh, came to EQC in 1987.
Oakie- Appaloosa pony gelding, passed away from colic in 2004(?)
Party Boy- Gray National Show Horse (ArabianXSaddlebred) gelding. Adopted because of neurological issues.
Rahbana- Bay Arabian mare.
Rain (Misty's mother)- Palomino mare. Very grouchy & very cute. :)
Red- Older chestnut Thoroughbred gelding. On the small side.
Seabass- Older chestnut gelding; awkwardly built, a favorite of the lower level lessons. Retired in Summer 2010.
Sedano- Bay gelding. Adopted.
Stella- Liver chestnut mare. Goes western. Returned to owner in Summer 2010.
Stormy- Stormy Older gray Appendix gelding, tosses head; great for lower level lessons. Retired in Summer 2010.
Teddy- Red dun QH gelding. Very quiet (sometimes too quiet). Adopted to a therapeutic riding center in Sacramento. Registered as Zippo's Inspiration.

Bar 717 Horses (Camp Horses)

These horses are owned by Bar 717 Ranch in Hayfork, CA. They spend the summer at the ranch's summer camp, and come back to UCD for the school year. Jules & Ceniza, and Colt & Shinto look quite a bit a like, so remember to check their collars before grabbing any of them. (:

Ceniza- Black mare.
Colt- Bay pony gelding; good in lessons, jumps, will break to trot. Foaled 2000, 14.1hh. Shinto's brother.
Jules- Older black pony mare; can be a little quick but a lot of fun to ride. LOVES jumping. Ceniza's mother.
Peak- Gray gelding, good under saddle and a favorite of upper level lessons, uncomfortable trot. Foaled 2001, 15hh.
Reddy- Chestnut mustang gelding; jumps well, dependable and a favorite in upper level lessons. Foaled 2000, 15.3hh.
Sassi- Sassi Black mare with bald face; solid citizen, jumps. Has been said to jump "like a monkey." Had a foal in May 2010. Born 1988.
Shinto- Bay pony mare; looks and performs like Colt, can sometimes bite when being groomed, or when you do up the girth. Foaled 1995, 14hh.
Sirocco- Black Arabian gelding, attractive but can sometimes buck. Enjoys eating small children. Foaled 1989(?).
Soleil- Appaloosa pony mare, awkward gaits. Likes a lot of guidance while jumping. Somewhat green, though not spooky.