The UC Davis Frisbee Golf Course was created in October 2003 by Andrew Ishak and Brian Dong. Since they have gone onto bigger and better things, AdamAnderson is the steward of the course. He leads newbies (and attractive women) through. This 18+1 hole disc golf marvel is a common activity in the summertime and is occasionally played throughout the rainy months.

The official course map and guide can be found. here (pdf)  Broken link    Here--> UCDfrisbeegolfcourse.pdf

The official facebook group for fans of the course can be found at Join to start games and network with other golfers!

The course takes about 45 minutes to complete while jogging and about two hours while walking. Note that this doesn't account for lost frisbee time. Watch out for the sprinklers that come on around 10 pm though.

The course record currently stands at 20 under par.

Adam's frisbee is still on the roof of the Social Sciences and Humanities Building. Take a stroke off if you manage to find it.

Additionally, there are quite a few discs trapped in a window over socsci 1100. We tried to lift some guys up there with a broom to sweep them off, but we could only manage to get one...ours.

AllisonEriksen says that, unlike her native San Joaquin Valley, Davis is far too windy to play Disc Golf. Then again, maybe its just because she isn't very good at it. Try for yourself.