The UC Davis Frisbee Golf Course was created in the summer of 2003 by Andrew Ishak and Brian Dong. It's an "urban" disc golf course that uses objects on campus as pins. It usually takes about 90 minutes to play if you're walking, or 45 minutes if you're jogging. 

You can find the updated course guide as well as a 10-minute documentary about the course, created by Andrew Ishak.

The course creators recommend playing after dark when the campus is empty. They used to play late at night in the summer, after 10 pm--perfect Davis weather.

After Brian and Andrew left Davis, AdamAnderson became the unofficial steward of the course.

Supposedly, the course record currently stands at 20 under par.

AllisonEriksen says that, unlike her native San Joaquin Valley, Davis is far too windy to play Disc Golf