Photographs from the UCD May 1, 2007: Day of Action

Kevin Roddy getting an armband tied on.

Sign reads Dignity, Respect and Liberty for all humans

No more broken families

Sunscreen and bandannas were both present


Bandanna with camo hat

Speakers with drums in the background

The crowd paying attention

One speaker urged people to call their representative

Overview of Crowd

The fashionable protester has a matching purse

Where's Bandanna man is a game like Where's Waldo

Sign urging the deportation of Larry Vanderhoef

Marching north from the Memorial Union

Turning on to Russell.

It's a rat race out there.

Unitrans ā€” Eastbound service only.

It's a long way to Rite Aid.

Protesters begin to circle Russell and Anderson, with ASUCD President Kareem Salem standing on the sidelines not participating with the students.

Blocking the intersection of Russell and La Rue

Smiling bicyclist

Death, the border guard?

Yoda says End unjust UC labor laws

Totally professional Police

Kevin Roddy gets arrested.

Unitrans riders could not leave the bus by law, and thus had to wait on the bus for 10 minutes (Until Brent Laabs finally got a Police Officer to get them out).


An officer reads the orders to remove the protesters.

The police begin to arrest the protesters, but the situation isn't too tense.

An activist (Josh) gets escorted off by the DPD

Express transportation to East Davis just outside AM/PM

People chanted around the intersection for 20 minutes or so.

After police ordered the protesters to disperse, all but 24 went to the sides to support those who would be arrested.

Left to right, Andrew Peake, Rob Roy, unknown, and Jessica Rockwell redirect the protest to Mrak Hall.

The march terminates at Mrak Hall where they demand to see The Hoff.

Along with the crowd of protesters, Mrak staffers were kept out of the building during the lockdown, while others were locked in.

Who wouldn't want to protest in such an idyllic setting? Picture taken from Chem Annex.