The term "FAQ" or "Frequently Asked Questions" predates the World Wide Web. Long before the web existed, the internet had other ways of being used. One of the more popular was usenet, a message system that predates the web, and still exists today. Popular at universities, most universities have a usenet server and university specific newsgroups. UC Davis is no exception, and the ucd.* series of groups have their own FAQ list. is UC Davis' usenet server. Although the ucd.* groups have faded, there is an historical archive of USENET at and you can use it to see the huge extent to which the UC Davis groups were used.

Last updated in 1996, the FAQ can be found here.

In it you can find thrillingly dated questions such as "Why should I use the Internet?"


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2004-12-21 21:06:43   Yeah, the guy who wrote this FAQ went to UCD Law school and is an interesting guy. He makes his living selling technology solutions to law firms. I asked him about updating it once, and he said that I should by all means. This site has filled the void left by the out-of-date FAQ, however. Even so, it would be interesting to have a pseudo-FAQ where people post questions and it's answered by referring people to certain links on this site. - JaimeRaba

2005-12-04 13:59:03   This page ought to be renamed to something like "UCDavis Usenet FAQ"? —AlexanderWoo