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UCTV is the television channel of the University of California. It's available online, on Dish Network Channel 9412 or on local cable. They have also released a large portion of their content to Google Video.

UCTV showcases the academic talents of the university campuses in order to inform, enrich and educate the public on various scientific, artistic and cultural topics. Watching a lecture on TV can be quite dull but UCTV presents many hours of excellent broadcasting beyond what is commonly shown on most channels.

  • Monday - Health and Medicine
  • Tuesday - Science
  • Wednesday - Public Affairs
  • Thursday - Variety
  • Friday - Humanities
  • Saturday - Arts and Music

On May 30, 2011, The Enterprise reported that UCTV had opened up the Seminars Project, an archive of a huge number of seminars recorded across the 10 UC campuses. Currently, seminars appear from UCSF, Berkeley, Davis, Los Angeles, and the Washington, D.C. UC Center, but it sounds as though it's likely to expand. The project is the brain child of UC Davis entomology professor James R. Carey. The seminars are available online for free at http://seminars.uctv.tv where they're arranged by subject.