1. The University agrees to review the arrest of the young woman ("B.H.") immediately, irrespective of whether a formal complaint is filed with the Campus Police. The University also acknowledges that it maintains a formal complaint process and will also respond to any complaints that may be submitted.

  2. The University has the right and the responsibility to speak with the District Attorney's office in this situation and will do so not later than Wednesday, November 25. The University agrees to take an affirmative position of advocacy with the District Attorney and ask him to strongly consider his option of not filing charges.

  3. Given the cooperative nature of the Thursday, November 19 event and in the spirit of continuing dialog, the University will not pursue student disciplinary actions.

  4. The University agrees to engage in further discussions regarding Cooperative Housing on the campus in a mutual desire to promote sustainable, affordable cooperative living facilities and opportunities on the campus, including any potential use of existing facilities for non-housing purposes.

  5. The University agrees to enter into further discussions on all other demands with a representative group, as early as Monday, November 30.

The University makes this offer in exchange for the demonstrator's agreement to leave the facility without incident, immediately, and asks the group to respect the hours of operation of university facilities.

/s/ Janet Gong November 24, 2009


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