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W: 9:00AM - 4:30PM
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UC Davis students may encounter a variety of pressures and demands which can create stress, impair academic performance, or affect sense of well being. Seeing a professional or peer counselor can assist students to clarify issues and explore options. Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) offers a variety of counseling services to help students realize their academic and personal goals while at UC Davis.

The mission of CAPS is to enhance the personal, social, educational and career development of students attending UC Davis, to assist members of the Campus community to do so and to contribute to the profession.

CAPS serves UC Davis students by providing personal counseling and programs and workshops for members of the UC Davis community.

CAPS provides free, confidential, short-term counseling (average number of individual counseling sessions is about 5) to UC Davis registered students. The service you receive is based upon a determination of your therapeutic goals and CAPS resources. If CAPS is unable to meet your goals, referral resources will be identified for you. CAPS service also includes psychiatry; students need a referral from a CAPS counselor or other mental health professional in order to obtain a referral for evaluation for medication.

CAPS staff are a diverse and experienced group of professionals committed to assisting students and enriching the university community.


In the middle of 2004, the Counseling Center changed its name to Counseling and Psychological Services. One of the platform issues of the SOSSS slate for ASUCD Senate was to change this back to the Counseling Center — this was among the silliness of Keebler Hall.

Medical Professionals are limited by HIPAA as to what information they can make public about their patients, including who their patients are. As such it is very hard for Doctors, Dentists, and Psychiatrists to respond to negative comments on the wiki. Please keep this in mind while reading any comments.


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2011-04-01 20:23:51   CAPS is a great resource on campus, I've gotten so much out of my one-on-one therapy sessions. Keep in mind that each therapist has a different approach, specialization, and personality, so you may need to try a couple before you find one that you really trust. If you're even considering it, just go to a drop-in appointment and hear about what they could do for you. —AnBan