The Barn, 122B, UCD Campus

The UC Davis Environmental Justice Project (EJP) defines environmental justice broadly, to encompass environmental issues as they pertain to race, as well as to class and gender in California's Central Valley.

The mission of the Environmental Justice Project is based on interdisciplinary and applied research in response to the challenges and opportunities outlined above. The goals of the EJP are to:

  • Increase the visibility of environmental justice issues at UC Davis;
  • Encourage student (undergraduate and graduate) and faculty research and campus community on environmental justice and expand the environmental equity issues, building on existing campus strengths in environmental research in the Central Valley;
  • Help build campus and community partnerships on environmental justice issues;
  • Advance state policy analyses that promote environmental justice and community perspectives on particular environmental, environmental health, or urban planning issues, drawing on campus strengths, as well as our proximity to Sacramento;
  • Promote interdisciplinary conversation on environmental issues, specifically as they pertain to race, class and/or gender at the John Muir Institute of the Environment and on the UC Davis campus.

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