522 Sproul Hall, UC Davis Campus
Phone: (530) 752-1219
Fax: (530) 752-8630
Staff/Student Advisor
Jeff Fort (undergrad advisor)
Noah Guynn (graduate advisor)
503 & 504 Sproul Hall
(530)752-0708, Professor Fort
(530) 754-7839, Professor Guynn
Office Hours
Weekdays 8 AM to noon and 1 to 5 PM

The Department of French and Italian, part of the College of Letters and Science, offers both a major and minor program in French. Courses include French language, literature, and culture. While the major is heavily literature-oriented, some occasional courses offer study of uncommon topics, including "Introduction to French Hip-Hop" and "Business French." There are also several study abroad programs offered, with varying lengths, locations (in or beyond Paris), and course topics. Both undergrad and graduate degrees are offered.

Popular courses: Many of the 50-series French courses are popular because they are taught in English. These courses are open to French major students as well, but those students must submit all written work in French.

  • French 50: French Film (4 units). GE credit: ArtHum, Wrt.
  • French 51: Major Works of French Literature in Translation (4 units). GE credit: ArtHum, Div, Wrt.
  • French 52: France and the French Speaking World (4 units). GE credit: ArtHum, Div, Wrt.
  • French 53: French as a World Language (4 units). GE credit: Div, SocSci, Wri.

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