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Who are the Culchies? The Davis Culchies Hurling Club was established in January of 2010 on the campus of the University of California, Davis. The term culchie is an Irish word that is often used to refer to an individual that farms or lives in the countryside. This name fit the home of the UC Davis Aggies perfectly. The club was formed to compete in intecollegiate matches against Cal, Stanford, and other colleges across the United States. The founding members of this student organization were determined to compete in this fast, furious sport and share this Irish cultural tradition with the community. Our club has worked with the National Collegiate Gaelic Athletic Association (NCGAA) and deVere's Irish Pub to bring hurling to Davis. We hope that the interest and support of viewers like you will help this tradition thrive.

What is Hurling? Before we even attempt to inadequately explain the sport with words, we reccommend that you check out the videos posted on youtube. A journalist from the California Aggie attempted to describe the hurling after interviewing a few members of the club. After two confusing interviews, she was able to write, "Hurling, a combination of many sports, is an ancient and fast paced Irish sport with centuries old origins. James Daly, a junior English major and captain of the UCD Hurling Club describes the sport as a mix of basketball, soccer, hockey, lacrosse and field hockey. The sport uses rugby goal posts as well as soccer nets beneath the posts. Players use a paddle-like stick similar to those used in field hockey to pass the ball and score goals. Carson Conner-Collado, a senior neurobiology, physiology and behavior major said hurling is "a very fast-paced, hard-hitting" combination of the sports Daly mentioned. In conclusion, hurling has a little something for every sport's fan to love. See for yourself.