UCD landfill UCD landfill UCD landfill

UC Davis is the only UC campus with its own landfill.

The landfill is quite sizable, made up of at least 15 acres located in West Campus, just south of the Primate Center and adjacent to Putah Creek on County Road 98.

R4 Recycling and Project Compost are committed to minimizing the amount of materials that goes into the landfill and reducing waste in general. They think of waste as a "resource in the wrong place."

Prior landfills on campus include parts of the present-day arboretum, and the Center for Health and the Environment.

For more info about landfills, check out this site. See also: Yolo County Central Landfill.

As harmful as landfills are, they actually support quite an interesting array of birds as you can see in the photos if you look closely. If you are looking to see many species of gulls, you can request access to the landfill during business hours. Note: this is only recommended for hardcore birders as the smell and look of it all isn't all that attractive.