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Five issues per academic year
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The UC Davis Law Review is the School of Law's premiere student-run publication and is ranked thirty-first among legal journals in the United States. It publishes scholarly articles from legal academics, practitioners, and student editors. Each academic year, it prints one volume composed of five issues and hosts a symposium focused on pressing legal issues. The Law Review provides students the opportunity to hone their research and writing skills, while advancing the public discourse surrounding important legal topics.

The current journal and back issues are available at the Mabie Law Library.

Subscription Instructions

To subscribe to the UC Davis Law Review, send a $40 check payable to "UC Regents" to the following address:

UC Davis Law Review Subscriptions
UC Davis School of Law
400 Mrak Hall Dr.
Davis, CA 95616-5201

Include the mailing address and telephone for the subscription. The law review only accepts payments by check.


Each year, the law review hosts the Law Review Symposium centered around a current topic in the legal community.

Volume 45 Editors

Editor in Chief: Samuel Carstensen

All Around All-Star: Sue Jones

Managing Editor: Negin Yadzani

Executive Editor: Connor Boyd & Mina Choi

Senior Articles Editors: Austin Baumgarten, Katie Briscoe, Maytak Chin, Sam Jubelirer, William McKenna, Michael Nelson, & Brittany Sachs

Senior Notes and Comments Editors: Mark Ahn, Anisa Afnani, Michael Dean, Melanie Hui, & Joshua Kastan

Senior Symposium Editors: Camille Barr & Kerry Kassam

Articles Editors: Lawrence Lin, Alexei Offill-Klein, Mohammad Sakrani, Allison Sloan, & Jesse Suarez

Projects Editor: Jesse Suarez

Technical Editor: Mohammad Sakrani

Associate Articles Editors: Byron Ahn, Iris Chou, Owen Dallmeyer, Robert Freund, Adrianne Lo, Nicole Moore, & Janelle Shandler


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