The UC Davis University Medal is the highest campus honor awarded to a graduating senior in recognition of superior scholarship and achievement.

While there are no set requirements for the university medal or College medals, all past winners have had GPAs well above 3.9, including many grades of A+, and achieved excellence in extracurricular scholarship, usually involving some combination of research, writing, teaching, mentoring, internships, etc.

Past Winners 2012 - Larissa Miyachi (Biochemistry and Molecular Biology) 2011 - Kristen Kelly (Neurobiology, Physiology, and Behavior) 2008 - Matthew Holden (Applied Mathematics) 2007 - Yoel Stuart (Evolution and Ecology) 2005 - Christopher Jones (Biochemistry and Molecular biology) 2002 - Jacqueline Teague (Psychology) 2001 - Enrique Duarte (Computer Science and Engineering) 2000 - Marissa Galvin (Psychology) 1999 - Adrienne Williams (Biological Sciences) 1998 - R'lyeh Schanning (History) 1997 - Jenny Chang (Biological Sciences) 1996 - Denise Albert-Grimaldo (Biological Sciences) 1995 - Christina J. Lindstrom (Mechanical and Aeronautical Engineering)