One of several entrances to the campus. The School of Biological Sciences.

Irvine, CA 92697
Campus Information Center
(949) 824-5011

Irvine's mascot before a game

UC Irvine is one of the newer UC campuses and is noted for having the highest Asian enrollment rate among the UCs, for which it is sometimes known as the "University of Chinese Immigrants", "Under Chinese Invasion", (and sometimes the "University of Civics and Integras.") Three UCI professors have won Nobel Prizes in recent years. UCI is the first university in the world to have two professors win Nobels in different areas in the same year. UCI is home to the first School of Computer Science among the UCs, and is a leader in that discipline. The university is also quite distinguished in its physical science programs. UCI has also been called "Under Construction Indefinitely" among other things. The campus has also received added attention stemming from its Middle Earth residence halls, which are named after locations and characters from Tolkien's Mythology.

In 1965 the students of UCI chose the anteater as its official mascot in a campuswide ellection. The anteater is based on the peter the anteater character from Johny Hart's "B.C." comic strip, and was strongly promoted by the men's water polo team. The runner up in the mascot selection ballot was "none of the above." The anteater is a source of pride among UCI students and alumni who value its unique mascot. The Anteater's 2007 run through the college world series inspired the associated press to run the byline "That team with a funny nickname is serious about winning a national championship."

With respect to its student body, UCI is probably one of the more strongly Republican campuses in the system. For example, near the beginning of the war in Iraq, a survey found that about 60% of UCI students favored a military operation there. This is likely because many of its students come from Orange County, which the Orange County Republican party proudly proclaims to be "America's most Republican county."

The Engineering section of campus Irvine is considered a quiet school for various reasons, but the most likely explanation is its student population. Like other urban-situated colleges, Irvine has a large commuter population; this leaves only a small number of students on campus after-hours or on weekends.

The campus is also located in a strictly regulated residential community which tends to inhibit social carousing. The campus itself is widely known for its cleanliness, and the placement of its buildings tends to be highly organized, with buildings grouped into academic units, which form a circle around the campus' central park.

Traveling clockwise from the administration buildings, one encounters:

  • The School of Social Sciences
  • The School of Social Ecology
  • The School of Business
  • The School of Engineering
  • The School of Computer Science
  • The School of Physical Sciences
  • The School of Biological Sciences
  • The School of the Humanities and Arts

followed by the student center and, again, the administration.

Additional Photographs

The Science Library, one of two UCI libraries. The Middle Earth Dorms. The lounge in the Residence Hall "Shadowfax." Students in Middle Earth can relax or play frisbee on "Pelennor Fields. The centerpiece of UCI's campus is spacious Aldrich Park.