Unidentified flying objects have been sighted in and around Davis. For obvious reasons, most residents are convinced that the sightings are not M400 Skycars. Extraterrestrial beings seem to be more likely, but we all have our fingers crossed for the skycars.

There have been dozens of documented UFO sightings in Davis since the early 1990s.

You can also spot a UFO sculpture at Arroyo Park.


5 minutes
Two "orb shaped" lights seen flying parallel to each other near trees by UC Davis bike path. Changed colors several times before darting off to higher altitude. (MUFON Case 35459. Also reported to NUFORC.)
less than 2 minutes
"Dark triangular object" with about "4 lights per side" observed flying slowly over an open field about 1.5 miles east of Wildhorse Golf Club.(MUFON report)
10 minutes
"Strange Crescent Light Phenomena"
"I watched this very large crescent shaped light for 10 or 15 minutes from my balcony facing the south sometime before twilight. It was a particularly clear sky without clouds or visible aircraft. I was a physics undergrad at the time and quite astonished by what I saw. I have always wondered if others witnessed the same phenomena."
1 minute
"'Circle' ~ Observed bright object (mag. ~ 1) moving NE to SE. Assumed that it was a satellite until I noticed 2 blinking lights."
15-20 min.
"'Cigar' bright light in the sky a real close encounter."


1 Hour
"Dog barking just before I went to bed...I looked out the bedroom window." ((NUFORC Note: Sighting of Sirius?? PD))
3 seconds
"slow light vanishing up into nothing what seemed to be outerspace."
5-7 minutes
"Three sets of lights, like a formation of airplanes in the distance, hovering instead of moving."
5 minutes
"Another sighting, same golden lights in the Northwest sky. As I was typing up a report for last nights sighting my husband came in..."
approx 8 minutes
"this is the third sighting of these golden lights we have seen. Just after midnight on New Years we stepped out side and we notice our..."
7 min
"two fireballs moving swiftly then just hovering in the sky too bright and big and steady for an airplane then disappeared."
20 minutes
Yolo county: "3 Orange lights with wings?"
7-8 minutes
"It was approximately 9:12 PM in Woodland, near Sacramento, CA on October 30th. I was standing outside and noticed something flying slo..."
6 Minutes
"Witnessed a round orange burning object silently flying"
3-5 minutes
"Clear night sky, object traveled upward at 40 degree angle moving from southeast to northwest. At first it almost looked like a jet tak..."
4 sec
"Driving about 5 to 7 miles North of Woodland CA—South of Knights Landing CA; saw Large flash of light illuminated every thing around f..."
"Man sees diamond-shaped obj., which appeared "shiny and metallic." Obj. looked "like 2 triangles." Ascended, streaked off."

Source: National UFO Reporting Center


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2005-02-26 23:38:53   The three lights sightings are very common in the Sac-Davis area, becasue of one reason- airplanes usually have three bright lights. I have seen this before thinking it was UFOs but after staring at the object it became clear that it was an airplane. There are also a lot of military cargo planes flying around the valley, and the lights emanating up from the city wil reflect off the bottom of them. Also during the Fall-Spring the lights of the cities will reflect off of small low clouds. —JamesSchwab

  • Located between Travis AFB and McClellan (which, in addition to occasional use as a military strip post-9/11, is home to a museum and has many many experimental, historical, kit and airshow planes land there), this area sees just about every kind of aircraft fly overhead. Some are really quite odd. We're also in line for Aurora (the plane) and classified aircraft high altitude flyovers coming in from a polar orientation (aka post-Area 51 relocation flights). Plus the past couple years have had amazing levels of sunspot activity that has seen aurora (the atmospheric phenomina) occur in the area to the point that the traffic pilots have occasionally freaked out about it (one memorable time was when ClearChannel's Commander Bill swore he saw a massive meteor streak across the sky and reported it to the news services).JabberWokky

2006-03-07 11:36:59   I also have seen a "ufo". While out "fishing" at the south fork of Putah Creek. Myself and a pal were spotted with a blue spot light and watched a triangle with a light at each corner as it flew noiselessly away. Doubtful if it was ET, but most likely some test craft of some sort. Thanks JabberWokky for the more specific info relating to military flight paths etc. —NeilSaweliew

2008-12-10 01:17:09   heyyy trying to figure out what the bright blinking red/white lights outside were today. There were about 15. and some were super bright, staying still for long periods of time then hovering and then moving semi-fast in the sky. Are they satellites? —hoopster7a

  • Satellites are very fine (small) dots of light that move in a very steady direction and speed. Blinking red or white lights are generally aircraft, either airplanes or helicopters. Airplanes can appear to hover when they change altitude or otherwise head toward or away from you, and then turn, appearing to suddenly start moving. —Evan 'JabberWokky' Edwards

2018-01-24 05:17:13   January 24th I was out south of Davis city limits on road 104 on the other side of the low water bridge when I saw what looked like an airplane flying toward me. It had lights. Two red and three white no actual head lights. It seem far made no sound. The lights didn’t have a familure pattern out lining the shape of a plane but seemed to be in a flat line three white and only one red light was visible on the top. It suddenly got closer then it seemed to stop and hover. Then it moved quickly to the left it’s right and hovered.. It was still far. I’d guess a mile. So I thought maybe it was heading back torward me giving an illusion of hovering. It seemed lost above the field. It move again to “it’s” right then stopped. Then it started moving to my left heading south and at this time the three white lights were in a triangle pattern with two red lights in the middle facing me and it flew off quickly. I watched it fly away and was shocked to see it land! Remind you I’m out near the airbase but this thing didn’t land there it landed much farther out. I have driven my truck out where I saw it land and there is another kind of landing strip. I’m not actually sure what is out there whether or not it’s a landing strip it has green and red lights that are on poles about 4-5” tall. Lots of them creating parallel lines. I thought some sort of visual for landing. Easy to see from above. I don’t know what I saw. I’m thinking and hoping I saw my first TRB-3. I want to investigate this so bad. —1randyguy