A typical slice of Uncle Vito's pizza

524 2nd Street
Near Mishka's Cafe
Monday-Wednesday: 11:30 AM - 10:00 PM
Thursday-Saturday: 11:30 AM - 2:00 AM
Sunday: 9:00 AM - 10:00 PM
Delivery: Not Offered.
Dave Virga and Mark Scribner
October 2008
Happy Hour
Weekdays 4-6, Thu-Sat 10-12: $5 Slice and a Beer

Uncle Vito's Slice of N.Y. is a pizza restaurant that serves thin crust New York style pizza. Pizza is available by the slice or by the pie. A whole pizza comes in two sizes. The larger size pie is 20 inches and is cut into 12 slices. The smaller size pie is 14 inches and is cut into 8 slices. There is also a bar area.

Uncle Vito's is a very popular pizza joint in Midtown Sacramento. The place was popular, frequented often for their beer selection, and had a good following and street rep for Midtown (despite being owned by Paesano's and being conjoined with Pronto next door).

It took over the former location of Wok'N Roll when it opened in 2008.

Delivery began in late February 2010. Hours of delivery are from 4 PM to 10 PM.

Want to avoid trouble while eating and/or drinking here? Check out the Bar Taboos page before entering.

They have changed a lot recently. The slices are a bit cheaper, and their happy hour special is now limited to 5 standard slices, incl. a "special".

They used to have dollar slice Mondays and served burgers and other snack foods like smothered fries and beer battered fried mozzarella. They are no longer doing dollar slice Mondays as of 11-17-2012, and have taken burgers off the menu.


Monday - Friday 4:00 PM - 6:00 PM $3 Draft Beer, Well Drinks, Cocktail Specials and House Wine $5 Happy Hour Special! Any draft beer and any menu listed slice of pizza for $5 Late Night Thur-Sat 10:00 PM - 12:00 AM $5 Happy Hour Special! Any draft beer and any menu listed slice of pizza for $5


The mural on the eastern side of the building

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Older Reviews

2010-01-14 23:55:56   The Vito's staff is great. Unfortunately I don't care for their pizza but they make up for it with a fun atmosphere, good music and drinks. There is an interesting phenomenon occurring where the Townies/Davisites...or as I and all the rest of us say....LOCALS...congregate at the north end of the bar near the DJ booth while all the frat boys and girls stand on the south side near the big screen. Next time you're in try a fire truck and a basket of fries! —GreezySweezy

2010-01-15 15:15:25   Can't beat the happy hour special! Gotta get the pizza by the slice tho, if you get a whole pie the bottom soaks in the grease too much. —103

2010-01-25 16:56:21   If you're from the East this is the only respectable pizza in Davis. —dizzyditz

2010-02-08 14:22:57   The jukebox is the only good reason to go here on a Friday night —jwsmith

2010-02-28 11:31:17   I do not enjoy their pizza. Their slices are 4 dollars each and have very little taste. People will make the argument that the slices are bigger, which is true, but they are also extremely thin (which I realize is east coast style) and therefore contain the same amount of food as a slice from other pizza places.

Their bar service, however, is pretty good. I like the choices of beers on tap, which, as of last week, included Lost Coast's Tangerine.


2010-02-28 17:14:45   Pizza is good, happy hour deal is good, service has been nice (one of the ladies there is really nice). However, the music is WAY too loud. I would go here much more often if they did not have the music and TV audio so loud. —DagonJones

2010-03-16 01:12:51   Definitely agree on the loud music. I stopped by the other day to get a slice of pizza, but the music was so loud *outside* the building that I decided it just wasn't worth it and got something elsewhere instead. I'd eat here and hear there much more frequently if it weren't so loud all the time. —IDoNotExist

2010-03-25 16:58:27   I love NY pizza but not this kind. It reminds me of the cheap pizza that you find in one of those Manhatten convinience stores/pizza joints. Only when you go to Uncle Vito's you pay $35.00 for a large pie and an order of wings. Oh and when I got a flyer in the mail, advertising delivery. I called and asked for a delivery order and was told. "we don't deliver" Then I told the man that I had recieved a flyer and that there was a sign out front advertising that they now deliver and was promptly told. "well we don't deliver, must have been someplace else". All this was said with a rude tone. I would only recomend this pizza for pig farmers to use as slop. —JoeRandom

2010-04-12 10:23:36   The pizza is painfully mediocre at best, just plain bad at worst. Great location, good restaurant concept, just poor execution. Love the patio when the weather is nice. Too bad the pizza was lousy. —browneyedblues

2010-04-15 17:03:09   I am a fan of their buffalo fries, but then I'd eat anything with buffalo sauce. Apparently their jukebox is out of commission. It ate my money the last time I was there (one of the guys working there was kind enough to refund me my dollar). —hokusman

2010-04-27 14:51:33   THIS PLACE SUX !!! The atmosphere is terrible, the pizza mediocre & overpriced, the only good thing about this place is the Beer, but on that note : the real reason I hate this place - THE BARTENDERS SUCK ! They are BORING, RUDE, and Keep me waiting way too long, with way too much attitude for a simple Beer, on that note : Woodstock's provides good atmosphere and beer without the bad attitudes & even Beach Hut Deli around the corner, though lacking good ambience, has good staff and beer on tap ; ) * I agree with SunjeetBaadkar, a Chaat place would be way better here, since both Raja's and Kathmandu Suck (since chef changed over) - trust me , if you think these places are good u really need to get out to Berkeley / SF —ReViewer

2010-05-15 10:22:26   It's all about the buffalo fries! I don't even know if I'll ever try the pizza b/c I will mostly want the buffalo fries! Had some last weekend, and I haven't stopped thinking about them since! I wish they were open a little earlier b/c those fries would make great hangover food! —lauraAsmith

2010-05-21 12:59:37   OK, we went again last night despite my previous poor review. The pizza this time around was MUCH better. Not legendary, but good. The slice on special last night was the "Greek" (feta, red onions, artichoke hearts, olives, etc...) and it was tastey. My kids got chicken tenders, which were.....well, they were just chicken tenders - kinda hard to really screw that up. They enjoyed them, and that's a plus. Additionally, I had a small salad, which I thought was well priced for the size and flavorful.

My guess is that this place is just "hit or miss". Dining al-fresco, however, is the only way to go; and for a prime spot to dine, people watch, enjoy the pleasant weather, Vito's is in the mix. Don't go expecting too much and you won't be too disappointed. After all....it's just a pizza and beer joint. —browneyedblues

2010-05-21 19:42:00   I've been here twice now, and still haven't actually had the pizza. Looks pretty tasty... but I can't really say much about it, other than that I'd like to try it!

First, the beer: the selection is pretty mediocre. 10 or so beers on tap. One IPA (Inversion) and one Pale Ale (Rubicon's Monkey Knife Fight). Their picks really were not very good (aside from the Inversion). For instance, they have Sudwerk's Hefeweizen... which might well be Sudwerk's worst beer, and certainly the worst hefe I've tasted. Why not go with a decent Hefe, and a decent Sudwerk beer (e.g. the Marzen)?

They serve their beer WAY too cold. You lose a lot of flavor when the beer is so cold. The big, thick, glass mugs are so cold that any head which spills over the side of the glass actually freezes solid. You also wind up with a layer of floating ice on the top of the beer because the glass freezes the beer inside. You also wind up with a huge amount of condensation before the glasses warm up at all. Seriously, guys... we're talking beer, not Barq's.

Second, the wings. I got a large order of the buffalo wings—$13.95, I believe—thinking it would be overkill. The manager (who was very friendly) said the large order was 2 lbs., or 16-20 pieces. Frankly, they were pretty unimpressive pieces. There was less meat on the 16-20 pieces (I didn't count them, but I would estimate around 15-16) than on a dozen wings at Sudwerk or The Grad. Others in my party ate 3 of the wings, which is about how many I usually share anywhere else. I left still feeling hungry after the remaining 13-17 wings and 2 pints of beer, which isn't a common experience with a large wing order anywhere else. The sauce was fine. Probably just Frank's and butter, with more butter than Frank's. Not that spicy, but reasonably tasty. The skin was very crispy, too, which I liked a lot.

On a side note, I worry about how much they serve people on a Friday afternoon. A middle aged gentleman at the bar struck up a conversation with me and, separately, with another person in my party, while we were up getting drinks at different times. He was pleasant, but clearly very intoxicated. He mentioned that he lives in Cordelia and spends X amount per month on gas—implying that he's probably driving home. It was a bit worrisome. —TomGarberson

I went back last night (August 2011) for the first time in quite a while. We had some very tasty pizza and the beer glasses were no longer way too cold. Definitely an improvement! They had the Aggie Lager on tap, and it was better than I expected. Actually pretty good. —TomGarberson

2010-06-08 20:10:36   I haven't tried the pizza but was there drinking last week. Just have to say, this place has the WORST well vodka I have ever had. Pretty sure it actually came from a plastic bottle. Also, everyone in my party agreed that their screwdrivers just taste like straight orange juice. Not at all impressed. The only redeeming factor was under the bar there are little hooks for purses, which I thought was clever, but not quite enough that I'll plan on drinking here again. —omgstarkitty

2010-06-22 13:33:29   Used to go to Uncle Vito's for their awesome service and great pizza. Unfortunately a recent change to the pizza crust has made a turn for the worst. Before, the crust was thin, light and crunchy. Now it's thick, heavy and doughy. Looks like I'm only going there for the awesome service now. —103

2010-07-05 19:15:15   When Vito's first opened, they had good food, good service and a great atmosphere. But the last 3 times I've been there it has gotten worse and worse. The managers are unbelievably rude. You'd think they'd want people to come back, but the attitudes (especially the woman manager, whoever she is) are ridiculous. The food has gone downhill, and to top it off, they have a dress code involving no hats? WTF are they thinking? enough is enough, I will never go back to this dive bar again and It is now my mission to make sure none of my friends give them any business either. Overpriced, low quality food and crappy well drinks!!!! I'd recommend somewhere with better pizza and nicer employees, like Woodstocks (even though they don't have a full bar, but you can run across to G. Street for that). Davis would be better off if they closed down, end point! —davisdego

2010-08-11 11:26:23   Vito's has a cool atmosphere and environment, and the bar is cool. However, in terms of their food it's on the more expensive side, and their pizza just isn't really all that good. It's greasy and just basic. —aggie2009

2010-08-24 02:32:57   When it opened, I used to go to Vitos 2 or 3 times a week, for their afternoon student discount. I was quite a Vitos fan. I would swear by it and did not go to any other pizza place once it opened. I would love ordering their Calamari and one or two slices of cheese pizza (and a soda to go with it). Almost all the staff there knew me by name becuase I came in that much. However, near the end of 2009 they got rid of their great calamari. Around Febuary or March of this year, they changed their pizza slice recipe or somthing becuase it no longer tasted like cheese (or whatever it was before), now it tastes like bad tomato soup (overwhelming all the taste). I went there in March during march madness and was very disapointed. I haven't been back since, though I am tempted to try it again soon. Perhaps they are too focused on their bar atmosphere? —BryceH

2010-11-17 16:56:02   Pizza here is pretty good, I went there thinking that I was going to get a slice off a pizza that had been sitting there a while, but it was super fresh and delicious. I also ordered the potato skins, and they were delicious as well, and came with this really good specialty ranch sauce, I don't know what it was but it was good! My friend ordered the buffalo wings, and while the sauce was good, there were only about 6-7 wings that didn't have very much meat on them (skinny chickens lol), and they cost about $8. For the price the weren't worth it, and I wouldn't purchase them again unless they cost more like $5, but besides that I would definitely go there again. —jwieland1989

2010-11-17 16:59:20   Oh ya about the beer, how can beer ever be too cold? I thought it was delicious in their big, thick, frosty mugs :). —jwieland1989

Good beer should never be too cold. Too cold = less flavor. If you're drinking so-called "domestics" (i.e. flavorless stuff), sure, you don't lose anything by drinking it too cold. But if you actually like beer, you're far better off drinking it around 45-60 degrees (depending on the type). —TomGarberson

Oh well I like mine super cold and frosty, so maybe it's just me!

2011-01-23 15:36:42   To be perfectly honest, I don't think I'll be coming back here ever again after the way I was treated last night. The bouncer was absolutely convinced that my driver's license was fake and made me sign a piece of paper to compare signatures, which I willingly complied with. Then he flat out told me that I didn't look like my picture and my signature was too different, and he was going to confiscate my ID to give to the Davis PD. I completely understand his legal obligation to do so, but the manner in which he conducted himself was completely unprofessional and out of line. He was literally yelling in my face "This is not you" and made me feel incredibly insulted. The other bouncer behaved much more professionally, and once my ID was given to him, he called the police and got everything sorted out and verified. I hope that Uncle Vito's fires the bouncer and invests in a UV light to check IDs instead of making their customers feel like felons, but even if that happens, I'm done with this place. He cost them future business from me as well as the seven people I was with, not a good business practice. —EAHaughin

2011-04-24 17:21:11   I love coming by for the happy hour $5 slice and draft Eel River IPA (amazing). I have lived in Italy, where you get an amazing large pizza for 8-10$ without weird combinations of garlic, white sauce and chili, and a crust like you can only get at village bakery and Uncle Vito's in Davis. I've found uncle Vito's happy hour to be an amazing deal to get a decent pizza (I used to order with olives or artichokes) with a drink. The draft beer alone of such quality would be around 10$ where I come from. I'll have to go try their new burgers. In the afternoon it is very calm in there. —MichaelNielsen

2011-05-02 21:00:51   Their pizza is great. But I go there because of their staff. I am willing to pay more for great service. Vito's people are always nice and laugh at my jokes even when they arent very funny. Its a truly nice thing to do. —Dozer

2011-05-24 14:02:08   It is the only place my Italian fiancee does not laugh her ass off at pizza. We went for the 1$ slice Monday challenge and consumed 4 and 3 slices, respectively, which made it cheaper to use that promotion than the all you can eat for $7 each :)


2011-05-24 17:42:55   The first time we went the food was really good but the next time the pizza was very salty. The atmosphere is pretty interesting though. —LoriOrf

2011-07-23 14:36:15   Tried this place last night. LOVE LOVE LOVE the fries. We got a basket of buffalo fries and a basket of thai fries. I still don't know which was my favorite but they were both amazing. I also recommend the White Garlic Chicken pizza minus the chicken. Artichoke hearts, onion, garlic, basil, and fresh tomato. Yum.

The service was fast and friendly. Food came out quick, and our water glasses were always full. —MeggoWaffle

2011-09-16 11:49:21   Vitos is my favorite place to watch a sporting event in Davis. The bar tender (Bobby) is one of the best bartenders in Davis - he's friendly, and quick to serve. He remembers me and other people as well which I value from a bartender. I started coming back to this place because the service, but everyone is generally friendly. I will always go to Vitos on Saturdays and Sundays to watch football. —BenedictIV

2011-10-04 10:46:55   Their $1 Slice Mondays are now only with purchase of a soft drink. Pretty much defeats the purpose if you are looking for a cheap lunch or just want water. I understand they are trying to maximize profits since restaurants make a 500-600% profit on soda fountains, but come on. I'll still go once in a while for the fries, but this change is a good way to lose my weekly business. —MeggoWaffle

Pooled grease being poured out of a basket of garlic fries 2011-10-22 11:07:58   Met up with some friends at Vito's last night for pizza and some beer. I tried the Caribbean pizza for the first time and it was pretty delicious—highly recommended. We also shared around a couple of orders of fries. The buffalo fries were very tasty. The garlic fries, though... well, they tasted good. But in the bottom of the basket, there was more than 1/4 cup of oil pooled up. Seriously. It was at least 1/4 inch deep. Honestly a bit nauseating.

They're back to super-freezing their pint glasses, so you wind up with a thick layer of ice if any beer spills over the edge when they're pouring it. —TomGarberson Super frozen pint glass sounds awesome, puddle fries not so much. Vitos has been made aware of this Daubert

2011-11-05 12:12:28   used to go for the dollar slice mondays until they made you buy a drink.. less of a deal now —roxygirl55

2011-11-30 11:19:17   Needed pizzas ready at 11:30am - told by staff that they wouldn't put them in until 11:30am since that's when they open. Village Pizza had no problem having pizzas ready at opening - went with Village - when there are plenty of good choices customer service is king. And yes I've worked in pizza and yes the ovens were working before we opened and yes we'd have pick ups ready as soon as our front door opened. —mcwaid

2012-03-05 17:28:14   I'm not one to write reviews about businesses on the internet, I believe it is better to go into the business and discuss your experience so that it can be made up for. But the general manager Donald was aggressive and extremely unprofessional. And I have no way of contacting the owner of the business, so here I am. I used to frequent this restaurant with my friends, or any family that would come and visit Davis from out of town, but not anymore. My brother came in from out of town and we decided to grab a piece of pizza for lunch. When we walk in a younger girl bartender clocked off and left work but tells Donald that I had been in the business last week, and had left the business without paying. Which was a lie. He comes up to me and my brother and says aggressively that he will not serve me until "my buddy pays for the beer he walked out on last week". My brother is only 19 and had not been in the restaurant before then. He didn't bother to ask any questions or be polite in any way, he just started accusing my 19 year old brother of stealing beer. I'm not sure if he is used to serving 19 year old people alcohol or what is going on there but that is not my issue. So I politely pay for the allegedly stolen beverages and we eat our pizza. When I got home i printed my bank statement from earlier that week proving that I had went in last week and payed in full for everything that i purchased. Donald said "Here is what we can do, you can have your 4 dollars back but you will not be welcome here again." He then threw four, one dollar bills on the bar and walked away without apologizing. SO I am not allowed in Uncle Vito's any more because they accused their underage customers of stealing with out any evidence, and when shown proof that they made a mistake they could not own up to it. As a fellow business owner of downtown Davis this restaurant and its employee Donald is a disgrace to Davis and its fine community. —jordanmitchell

- funny thing Jordan was the one who didn't pay for his beer so the bartender had to. And one would think him being a "business owner" in town would at least have the decency to Pay for the stuff he order and stops bitching about it.

2012-04-16 17:18:18   Only one mention of Thai Fries in the reviews? Just tried them recently, and they were some of the best fries I have ever had. —OliviaHenry

2012-04-16 17:21:44   Heard they're going to be closed for Picnic Day.... Sadness... just more for the rest of us to deal with. —Wes-P

2012-04-28 00:17:38   I've tried to love Vito's Slice. But the service, the food, the bouncers and the attitude is absolutely rank, and so I have no choice but to maintain a wide berth around this place.

1. They cut off their happy hour before happy hour is over. Even if the clock on the wall says that there is still 15 minutes left in the hour, they'll look you straight in the eye and say - 'Happy hour is closed'. If this is the case, they should take the times off their sign boards and write instead

'Happy Hour from whenever we damn well please 'til whenever we decide it's over (ps. you can't hold us to the hour either, cause we are too cool for time.)

2. They card like the TSA scans for deadly liquids in passenger's luggage - that is without logic. I went there with a friend of mine who is old. I mean way past middle age old. The manager was at the door and he ask him for his ID to verify that he's legally allowed to drink. He replies 'What's the drinking age?' The manager responds '21' My friend asks 'Do I look younger than 21' The manager says 'You know what? Forget it, you can't come in. I don't like your questions, and I don't like your attitude.' My friend says 'Fine, be like that, here's my ID' and he pulls out his ID. Manager replies 'Too late - get out of here before I call the cops.' What a weak and sniveling power tripping loser he was - even after he got his way. Bouncers and managers at Vito's need to understand that their job is NOT to harass, intimidate, belittle potential customers, their job is to welcome potential customers while using their well trained skills of age deduction and intuition to check for the potentially underaged and overdrunk.

3. Their pizza sucks. All the guys in our house were always arguing about which pizza to buy, and since we usually bought about 6 boxes for our parties, we decided to end the arguing and instead we had a pizza challenge to settle, once and for all, which pizza is the best pizza in Davis. Each one of us either went and picked up a pie, or had one delivered. Here's how we scored the top six pizzas. 1. Cenario's Pizza #1 because of the best value to taste ratio . 2. Village Bakery at the train station best overall pizza flavor. 3. Luigi's best newcomer / awesome toppings. 4. TIE Steve's Pizza Woodstock's Pizza and in LAST PLACE Vito's - The crust is thin and lacks soul, the tomato sauce is bitter and it taste like tomato paste straight from a can, the cheese is rubbery and the toppings undercooked.

Like a previous reviewer said, this pizza is convenience store / gas station pizza from somewhere where they don't 'do' pizza.

Seriously if you want better pizza - everyone/anyone in Davis makes better pizza.

TLDR: Bouncers are power trippers, and the pizza is rancid. It came dead last in our house's local pizza challenge. —ChuckFrank

2012-05-28 16:22:43   I'm from NY. This is not what pizza from NY tastes like. We had slices there when it was completely crowded. We sat in the last available table. Our slices tasted like they were several days old. One would think that if it was so crowded, the pizza would be fresh. My kids who eat anything wouldn't finish the pizza. It's more of a bar than a pizza place. The only positive thing I can say is that the two staff members we interacted with were very nice. —las30

2012-11-19 14:14:16   I visited over the weekend for a good burger and found out they are no longer doing burgers! I was sad, their pesto burger was REALLY good. Their fries are my go-to drunk/sober food. I really only like their pizza when it's fresh out of the oven, but it's a good price in my opinion. The servers are nice. It's a bit loud but it is sports-bar-y so it's to be expected. —HannahToru

2012-11-21 16:59:52   I was at Vito's a couple of weeks ago, and was amazed/disgusted at what happened! While sitting at bar, eating my pizza and drinking a beer, the woman next to me faints(I didn't know her)! As I looked over and realized it was not a result of drinking too much, and since I have medical training, I sprung in to action. This woman's boyfriend was there and together we were able to assist her to the door after she regained consciousness and was stable (he was taking her to the hospital). As we were walking out of Vito's, she faints again, but this time has a seizure and looses control of her bowels and now I'm covered in human feces (no, this is not what bothered me). Long story short, the ambulance comes, takes her away, and I'm covered from my waist down in feces. As I go to gather my things, I realize that, amidst the chaos, the server had taken my food and beer away. This was a simple mistake, since they didn't realize it was mine. Well, I quickly explain to the server what happened (still covered in feces) and that I'd just like to get some replacement slices to go and get home to clean up. The server then decides to do nothing to make this right! Ok, now I'm annoyed. So, I decide to go to the front counter and explain what happened, again. Yet again, I get the run-around for 5 minutes(feces dripping into my shoes at this point). Finally, I found the bouncer that was there for the whole thing, and still, he did nothing. By this point I'm pissed. Seriously? Is this the way a business should treat someone immediately after they've provided emergency medical assistance to one of their patrons? Way to go Vito's, you just lost at least one customer over a couple dollars worth of pizza! Who knows, maybe you'll loose more now....? —DanielHernandez

2013-02-19 12:56:10   DanielHernandez you rock! —Trena

2013-03-01 13:02:03   I used to go to Vitos every week for slices, but a new manager came in and changed everything. The atmosphere is not nearly what is used to be and many of the other regulars i got to know stopped going. Its not what it used to be and i wont go back :( —NobleMason