Undergraduate students (Subgraduatera sp.), a large genus within the family Studentia, largely comprise the student population on the UC Davis campus; there are currently 23,499 undergraduate students — about four times the number of grad students and professional students. According to Transfer Student Services, 1 in 4 of those undergrads are transfer students! Undergraduates attend UC Davis to get Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) degrees or Bachelor of Science degrees (B.S. — a whole lot of B.S.).

As an undergraduate student, you have already paid ASUCD member fees, without even knowing it. This means that you could either get involved in things like Senate, or you could just worry about getting the most out of your student fees. As a word of advice from one involved in the student government, you should go with the latter option. Take a moment to review UCD classroom etiquette and UCD email etiquette.

Undergraduates must choose a major. This can happen when you apply to UCD, or really at any time in a student's first four years as an undergraduate. It is a well known fact that a "four year university" can easily become a "five year university," especially if the student doesn't know exactly what to major in at the beginning or if they rarely offer the classes you need/want to take.

The University of California has been accused of neglecting undergraduates.

If you're thinking about grad school and becoming an academic, you might wander over to Q & A for Prospective Academics.

Year of School  
Freshman or Frosh
Subgraduatera freshmanense
Subgraduatera vulgaris
Subgraduatera sp.
Subgraduatera sp.
Subgraduatera semperflorens
Dude, you haven't graduated?
Subgraduatera sempervirens ssp.
Co-op resident
Subgraduatera sempervirens ssp.
Tenured Student (e.g. Sean Davis)
Subgraduatera sempervirens ssp.

Majors are grouped by the Colleges. Colleges are grouped by field of study, not by something weird like a philosophy (at UCSD).

There are many demographics available about who undergraduates are, and what their majors are:

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