Unidentified was a local band comprised of Emily Cotton on vocals, Will Jobe on drums, Kevin Deacon on keyboards, and Tobin Jones on guitar. They broke up in May 2007. The management of the band was shared by all members but Will does most of the work. Their sound could be described as lo-fi synth-laden garage punk. The band often played shows out of Will's garage and guerrilla shows. They are known for their hodge-podge set ups, bizarre sense of humor and interesting hats.

2 of the band members are solo artists in their own respect, and the band is also host to many side projects, including a folk-punk-guerilla rock project called Strangelove Doctrine and a Punk/Classical project called Beethoven's Nightmare. They are all signed on Peace Sign Records, operated by drummer Will Jobe.

Unidentified is a bit dead at the moment, due to certain members of the band being too busy, but will resurface once the member's lives get less busy. Watch for it.

Their myspace can be found at http://www.myspace.com/weareunidentified

Associated acts: Strangelove Doctrine Beethoven's Nightmare Peasant Revolt