Nothing gets you in the mood to vote USA like a little music. So, in that vein, we've provided a listening list so you can get a better idea of our policies. Or you could just read our platform, which would probably be more informative. Now on to the music.

<dl> <dt> Born in the USA - Bruce Springsteen</dt><dd>

Our candidates were born to be in the USA, and you were born to vote for the USA. Or something like that. Contrary to popular belief, the song actually isn't just the refrain.

</dd> <dt> Keep on Rockin' in the Free World</dt><dd>

You live in the Free World, where you are free to vote for the USA. USA promises a minimum of a thousand points of light to help pay your student fees.

</dd> <dt> Surfin' USA - The Beach Boys</dt><dd>

From Denver to Davis, everybody goes surfin', surfin USA. (Note: Like much of America, this song was built on unpaid black labor. Chuck Berry was paid after threatening to sue — the American legal system works — hurray!)

</dd> <dt> Political Science - Randy Newman</dt><dd>

The USA loves politics. The prophetic words of Randy Newman (Donald Rumsfeld has referred to "Old Europe") continue to inspire us to be more involved in government. Cause, you know, we want to make sure the song isn't too prophetic.

</dd> <dt> Guantanamera - (folk song)</dt><dd>

With lyrics by Jose Marti, Guantanamera is a song that relates to Guantanamo, one of America's favorite places to send people on "vacation". United States policy complements lyrics such as "Para el cruel que me arranca, el corazon con que vivo / Cardo ni ortiga cultivo, cultivo la rosa blanca." You can find versions by Pete Seeger or Arlo Guthrie.

</dd> <dt> God Save the Queen - Sex Pistols</dt><dd>

We heard that the Sex Pistols made a "special" version of this traditional song. USA supports the UK (Union of Keggers) and all of our coalition.

</dd> <dt> Here at the Western World - Steely Dan</dt><dd>

West Coast! We're not really sure what this song is about (it is Steely Dan, after all), but it seems to promote the Western Values that we support.

</dd> <dt> Find the Cost of Freedom - Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young</dt><dd>

Ask your local Army Recruiter on campus, "What is the cost of freedom?" If he can't answer, just vote USA!

</dd> <dt> America, Fuck Yeah! - Trey Parker with Matt Stone</dt><dd>

USA promises to save the motherfucking day if elected. USA FUCK YEAH!

</dd> <dt> Ohio - Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young</dt><dd>

Ohio is a part of the big USA, so we support it 100%. Yet another CSNY song. Other recommended songs by that group: "Nighttime for the Generals", "Shadowland", and "Southern Man". (Note: Kent State is also D-1.)

</dd> <dt> The Times They Are A-Changin' - Bob Dylan</dt><dd>

"Come Senators ... please heed the call." We have heeded the call, and are running for ASUCD Senate. Please help the time to be, um, a-changin' by voting USA on November 16 or 17.

</dd> </dl>


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