Those big Unitrans buses don't drive themselves, yet. So here's to those who haul iron and people around town and lower traffic.

  • Cade Grunst - Mid to late 2000s?

They call themselves bus nerds & have been known to be practical jokers. Unitrans gets lots of cross over from the Band-uh

All Unitrans Transit Drivers (official job title) are required to carry a Commerical Driver's Licence (Class B, CDL), Verification of Transit Training (VTT) card, and Medical Certification card (which must be renewed every 2 years). You must be a current undergraduate student to drive for Unitrans.

Drivers maintain "Safe Driving Hours", which are the number of hours operating a Unitrans service vehicle without getting into an accident. * At 250 safe hours, drivers are eligible for Out-of-Town Charter (OTC) training, where they learn how to operate a vehicle for service outside of Davis. * At 500 safe hours, drivers are eligible to drive the double deckers.

Back in the day the drivers used to be really loose on the radio, alas it's tight as a drum these days...