A view of some apartments from the street, some night in 2005. Staircase. 2005. Can we PLEASE bring this aesthetic back?

307 University Avenue
Above the former Cafe Roma, now 3rd and U Cafe
Office Hours
College Town realty collects our rent checks

The University Avenue Apartments are comprised of 12 3 bedroom abodes that are situated above 3rd and U Cafe. Dare I name these apartments the single legitimate project in Davis. Floor plans state they are 2br, however, due to the outrageous rent, all units have converted the downstairs "living room" into a 3rd bedroom. As of the '07 - '08 school year rent was $1450/month. However, this year was certainly not a great one for living conditions in the complex, and it is uncertain whether new tenants will be moving in for the '08-'09 school year. Rent for the '15-'16 school year is around $1700/month.

There was once a beautiful garden situated in a planter running the length of the complex, containing a variety of succulents, as well as sunflowers, tomatoes, herbs, etc. It would be really cool to bring this leafy vibe back, but for now this part of the complex is strewn with random furniture and beer bottles. My theory is that, because none of the apartments have a big enough living room, this middle area serves as a sort-of communal space for socializing.

Here's what happened in January of 2008: A flood occurred, shooting sewage out from the kitchen sinks in units 7 - 12 (half the complex). College Town attempted a meager clean up effort consisting of a nice cleaning woman with a bottle of bleach. After tenants complained that the carpet was not salvageable, new carpet was installed in the units. However, the carpet was the least of College Town's worries. City Health Inspectors deemed the units "uninhabitable, sub-standard living conditions" and much work was needed to be done by the owners for this situation to be lawful in any way. After one month of our kitchen's being deemed saturated with toxic mold, the landlords very kindly gave us two options. Move out immediately, terminating the lease and leaving us to find our own housing immediately, or accept a discounted rent for the "2 months" it would take to de-toxify and then remodel our kitchens. After much negotiation (including the involvement of Davis Fair Housing) between tenants and College Town (the devil), we won 2 months free rent while this construction (which not only affected our kitchen, but our living room as well as our bathroom UPSTAIRS) occurred in our units. I suppose the story can end with us receiving new kitchens after not having one for over 4 months, which in reality is a complete violation of our lease agreements, but I am satisfied (with the story, not the situation).

Since the opening of 3rd and U Cafe, a large ventilation unit was installed directly above Unit 6. This ventilation unit runs during all hours of operation, and is so loud that one must yell if trying to communicate while inside apt 6. Furthermore, every wall and floor in the unit, and next door to it shake violently when it turns on and off (as it does constantly throughout the work day). Both College Town and 3rd and U claim that it is the others' responsibility to fix this horrendous problem, and as a result nothing has been done. Apartment 6 has not paid rent since early 2008, and does not intend to. Yet another reason why College Town may choose to renovate the entire complex before allowing new residents to move in.

These apartments are small and old, but they are completely livable. 

It is of general opinion that this project is in such shambles because of it's location. It is such a fantastic place to live while going to school because of location alone. Despite the ridiculous management and piss poor condition, College Town will always be able to find someone to pay the rent, simply because we are so close to school.

Other great, fabled occurrences:

  • Oral sex between 2 men in exchange for narcotics in the laundry room. Police were called by the residents of apartment 6 who thought the ruckus was caused by another bike burglary. (Spring 2007)
  • Laundry room doubling as shelter for various vagrants (about once a month)
  • Various keggers hosted by a variety of residents

To learn more about rental housing in Davis, check out our Housing Guide as well as our Apartments pages. Don't live here.

Pictures will posted soon!


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2008-07-08 02:09:52   LMAO! This entry is hilarious! I empathize with the tenants, but I’m glad to see they're keeping their sense of humor. —ZN

2009-03-14 12:53:39   Are you kidding? This is not a project, its not even cheap for a 3 bedroom! When I lived at Brush Creek Apartments a 3 bedroom was $1200 I think and its not even on the list of actual "projects". Sheesh, get a clue. —NickSchmalenberger