1111 Richards Boulevard
Davis, CA 95616
24 hour front desk
(530) 756-0910

The University Park Inn and Suites is of your many hotel options in Davis. It is located between the gateway to downtown Davis and I-80. Complimentary continental breakfast is served in the lobby. There is an onsite pool; passes to fitness room, spa and sauna are available at nearby facility.

This hotel will soon be expanded and changed into an Embassy Suites.

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2006-08-13 14:45 It seemed to be a pretty nice place for the price. I think it was 89 per night with a triple A discount as well. Note that the gym isn't actually on-site; you have to go to one of their partner hotels or something in order to use it. However, there is a pool and the rooms are pretty spacious. If you get a suite, there will be two TVs, one in the main room and the other in the living room. Also, the pull-out futon was pretty bad— I could feel the coils digging into my skin so if you're sensitive to that kind of thing, make sure to mention it! Breakfast is served from 7-10 PM with pastries, croissants, bagels, cream cheese, but no actual cooked food.

2007-08-06 Clean, attractive rooms and good location for going anywhere in Davis, but many problems. We reserved three rooms for three nights. The broken door lock and clogged sink in two of the rooms prevented us from staying in those rooms for the first night. Each time we had to get a key changed or a room fixed, we had to wait at the desk, and often mistakes were made with issuing keys for the temporary and original rooms. Then, small issues persisted in every room: cable that didn't come through clearly, remote control that worked only to control volume, etc. The last straw was that checking out took half an hour in person and three phone calls after leaving (each time I was put on hold) to clear up improper charges on my credit card. The staff's politeness did not make up for their incompetence, and overall the motel was really not worth the hassle we dealt with while staying there.

2014-03-25 08:45:29   Our family and friends gathered to stay for a week at the University Park Inn,we lost a loved one last week and came from around the country and locally to attend the funeral. We were occasionally loud..ate lots of continental breakfast and gathered as many as 6-7 during the day to recount old times and better days.I met the owner Askok Patel who was very nice..I would have had no idea he was the owner had someone not brought this to my attention..this gentleman definitely left his ego at home when he came to work...I thought he was one of the hired help...Vanessa at the front desk was especially kind and accomadating despite the fact that our party probably gobbled more than our share of the yummy continental breakfast every morning and wandered around the parking lot smoking cigarettes morning night and day and not bothering to pick up their butts...which I felt horrible about..and picked up many myself. So despite some of our obnoxious ways all of the staff was very very kind.I will always recommend to family and friends when coming to Davis to stay at the University Park Inn...I grew up here and live here currently but would spend a night or two here just for break from it all!! Thankyou!! —nedjenkins

2014-04-13 13:58:28   And this is where I'd keep a review of a room of this place... If I had one!!! Seriously, reserved a room months in advance for Picnic Day, got there early on Saturday to check in since I couldn't do it later, they said I wouldn't be able to check in until 2PM so I had them put a note in about how I will not be checking in until late that night. Of course, there was some miscommunication and they ended up giving my room away. They did however find me a replacement room at the Aggie Inn, but it was a pretty annoying inconvenience since there was no parking near the Aggie Inn. —hankim